Coronavirus and Australia’s first pandemic caused by smallpox

[Ben Deacon, ABC]

Smallpox would go on to almost wipe out Gadigal people in the Sydney area, before devastating Aboriginal nations across south-east Australia.

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Central Australia records first coronavirus cases

[Oliver Gordon, Scott Mitchell and Jessica Hill, ABC]

After arriving in the NT, the pair went straight to their home just outside the remote community, but did stop at a petrol station at Hart's Range, where they practised physical distancing.

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Indigenous Youth Leadership Program puts Brittany on the path to success

[by Greg Chapman]

Brittany Cheel is a proud Wiradjuri woman, from the Mudgee region of NSW and CQUni alumnus, and now works for the Central Queensland Indigenous Development (CQID) as Compliance/Finance Officer.

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Mystery donor sends Cape York students to Bond University

[by Alenka Csomor]

Jamila Piva and Zali Hobson received the scholarships after the benefactor took part in the Gold Coast university's annual Yarning Up trip to far north Queensland.

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