Poush - Chaitra 2079

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Annual Day

The most SPECIAL and IMPORTANT day that comes once in a year is Annual Parents Day 2079, organized by Adhyayan School. So many surprises awaited parents at APF, Halchowk. Our parents must’ve been so happy to see us in different attires performing under the light. At first it was a sunny bright day. read more

The Happy Girl

Once upon a time in a town, there was a little girl. She had no parents. She was very poor .She had a hard life, but she appreciated what she had. One day, she was searching for food, when she saw a man in need of help read more

छाउपडी प्रथा

छाउपडी भनेको अन्धविश्वास परम्परा हो l हामी सबै महिला मिलेर यो परम्परालाई उल्मूलन गर्नुपर्छ l महिनावारी हुँदा हामीले विशेष ख्याल गर्नुपर्छ l छाउपडी प्रथा यस्तो समस्या बनेको छ जसले महिला दिदीबहिनीलाई पिडा भोग्ने बाटो बनि सकेको छ l read more


Everyone has a dream and whenever you dream you must dream big.My dream is to become a president of the United States of America.I am highly influenced by Martin Luther King as he said ….I HAVE A DREAM THAT ONE DAY read more


सामाजिक शिक्षा

आज म सामाजिक शिक्षाबारे केहि कुरा भन्न  गइरहेको छु | यसमा हामीले धेरै कुरा जान्न  सक्छौँ  | जस्तै: समाजको बारेमा, मातृ भाषाको बारेमा, छिमेकीको बारेमा र सामाजिक कुरीतिको बारेमा आदि | धेरै जस्तो विधालयमा विधार्थीको नेपालीमा कमजोर  हुने गर्छ र यो विषय पनि नेपालीमा छ |  read more


Maybe it would have been better if we just never met

Or if we had never shared those memories I could never forget

What if if everyone already hated me 

And u just tagged in a little read more


This story happened to me in third grade I was weak in my studies so the teachers just gave up on me and I never learned to improve. Then my family moved to a new house so I transferred to read more


A Memorable Trip to Balthali

On 26th of February, Saturday-Sunday; 6th and 7th graders of Adhyayan School had gone  on an educational trip and a one night stay to Balthali Village Resort, Panauti. read more


My experience of DT week

DT known as Design Thinking is a methodology that we use in our school to solve the problem. We had a DT exhibition this year which was fun.  read more     



Go away cockroach!

Don’t approach me!

Why do you make my food dirty?

I’ll be sick because of you

read more

Happy New Year 2080

Wishing you all a blissful new year. Hope that joy and success follow you in every sector of life. Happy New Year 2080!


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