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How is your September? I hope you are enjoying the crisp weather (depending where you live), pumpkin spice lattes, apple crisp, and more! The holiday season is just around the corner, and I can hardly wait.

Life has been hectic, I admit, but I am slowly beginning to chip away on the fifth and final book in the McDougall series! After her four brothers find love, it is time for Peggy to have her own story. I can’t wait to share it.

In the meantime, I have a giveaway for you! Follow me on Bookbub in order to be eligible to win a signed printed copy of Temptation of Fire. Take a screenshot of your follow, and then either email me or leave a message in the comments of my Facebook post. If you're not sure how to screenshot, simply send me your name.

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Recommended Reads

Steamy version

Because the Earl Loved Me

By Ellie St. Clair

Desire for drama...
Known by all as a beauty with a haunting, hypnotic voice, Anne Finchley has always longed for more than marriage to a nobleman. She dreams of gracing the stage as an actress, an occupation unheard of for the daughter of a duke. But a chance meeting at a country theatre changes her fate forever.

Perfectly planned...
The Earl of Merryweather, Christopher Anderson, pre-determines every moment of his life, carefully calculating every decision -- including marriage to the sister of the Duke of Breckenridge. When he begins his courtship, however, everything goes awry, as nothing about her fits his expectations.

A shocking incident changes everything...
When Anne suffers an accident and must rely on Christopher for help, she turns his life upside down. Despite his inflexible ways, Anne finds herself falling for the man she once rejected, but now it may be too late, as the resulting scandal and upheaval may prove to be too much for Christopher to overcome. Everything is telling them they are wrong for one another -- but then why does being together feel so right?

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Sweet and Wholesome

Benjamin's Bride: Mail Order Bride

By Natalie Dean

Mary-Lee wants revenge on her villainous uncle, and Deputy Marshal Benjamin Graves seems like the perfect man to help her get it. But she just might get more than she bargains for…

Texas Frontier, 1852

Deputy U.S. Marshal Benjamin Graves had a lot of adventure on his wild trip out West, catching criminals along the way. Now he’s ready for the next one, but this time, he’s hoping that his new career in Knox Mills, Texas will bring him a wife.

From his first glimpse of mail-order bride Mary-Lee Jameson, the schoolteacher who seems so perfect in her letters, he knows his dreams are coming true. 

BUT… Mary-Lee has some secrets that would’ve taken more than just a few letters to explain.

Love blooms fast between Mary-Lee and Benjamin, and it sure does make it easy to forget about all that trouble she left behind. 

However… those in her past aren’t so willing to forget about her. She’s got something they want, and they’re willing to hunt her down all the way to Texas to get it.

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