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When a Viking (as in the show) casually slides into your DM’s for a casual convo about last night...😯

Hi ,

How are you? I have had a week of feelings of failure and success at the same time! I felt like I was failing in Coaching this week for a variety of reasons and felt very demotivated. Parallel to this, I launched a super successful restaurant (my last marketing client) and schmoozed with the latest 1m+ follower Influencers including one of the actors from the show Vikings on Amazon, Elijah Rowen - who said he wants to come to Frankly Unstoppable in Spain 🙌 (see post above).

I also had a cold this week which hasn't left me and has seriously slowed me down. My cousin got married too which meant I had to attend the many ceremonies, full of cold, coordinating my work week, trying to sell the last few spaces on the retreat and launch the restaurant. It's been a heavy one and I guess the energy loss has fed the negative monkey in my brain.

No sooner had the launch event finished, as I was saying my goodbyes, the lady I had been talking to for the last few weeks (a new employee) told me who her husband was and that whatever I need, I can have! He's only the guy who hosts the leading expo for my field!!!! Anyway, this is a great connection and I felt good again. The next morning, I received a couple of emails from people not on my mailing list who are keen to attend Spain. So I'm back to normal again.

This , is fear and lack of energy and feeling unwell plus a week that was quite heavy. We all have them. The only way I knew it would get better though was by not quitting. I am a firm believer in myself. I truly believe what I want will happen and I also accept these types of days as a sign for rest. Inspired, this week's blog is about belief and how to rephrase what we say when we feel like we're flailing The Number 1 Tool to Ensure Success in Life.


I have decided to change a few things in the business:

  • This will be my last weekly email. I will now send 2 emails a month and they will be sent on a Thursday afternoon.
  • I will still do weekly blog posts, please subscribe to the blog so you get notified when a new one is posted - you can subscribe on any blog post.
  • I am launching a one day workshop in the UK this September. It is a Luxury mini Frankly Unstoppable and I'll be sending details in the next email.
  • Frankly Unstoppable Spain has 4 places left! Please book on! If you have a flash sale email, use it today as it expires tomorrow!

As always, have a great week and I'll speak to you soon.

Lots of love

Puja x


Frankly Unstoppable Retreat
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4th - 9th September 2019

5 nights, 6 days in the Andalusian sunshine at the Lucia Yoga Centre

£1,120 single excl flights & transfers


£932 twin excl flights & transfers
For twins, I will assign you to someone you will be comfortable with.

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I'm here for you hun.  Lots of love xx

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