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I am so sorry to everyone who may have received an email from me on monday, my account was temporarily hacked and about 200 emails went out that were not authorized by or from me in any way.

The problem has been addressed, my account upgraded, and I have been assured by the tech gurus at GoDaddy and my own techie genius hubby that my email account is now all good.

So again, my sincerest apologies for any alarm this may have caused.

Now back to the good stuff...

Mated to the Dragon King is almost here! Reserve your copy today AND if you are preordering with Amazon I just found out they are releasing on October 6th instead of the 7th...so you get it a day early! LOL The others will be released October 7th as planned. PREORDER HERE 

Also coming this October, Shadow Kisses, a new FREE Zodiac Shifter anthology! Look for my new Wardens of Terra story, Moon Kissed inside this set! (Links will follow.)

Immortal Hunger  will be live on October 15th be sure to reserve your copy today! Featuring Marked By the Devil and 20 more PNR stories for just $0.99! All proceeds will go to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation!

Check out my pics from TNTNYC19 and thanks to everyone who mangaed to stop by and say hello! #MyReadersRock ;-)

*Stop and take a look at the books I've gathered for you below, you may find something great! ;-) 

Happy reading!


del mare alla stella,

C.D. Gorri


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Coming October 7th! (6th on Amazon)
Coming December 7th!
Coming December 24th!
Check these out...
Rogue Skies by multiple authors
Immortal Hunger by multiple authors
Captive of the Vampires by Aria Hunt & Liv Brywood
A Titaness for the Titan (TITANS Book 5) by Sotia Lazu
Quest for Trust: A Veritas Academy Book by Jacey Ward
Enchanted by the Enemy (Enchanted by the Craft Book 2) by Dora Blume
Testimony of the Damned: A Forbidden Paranormal Romance (Emissary of the Devil Book 1) by K.G. Reuss
The Designer: The Drummonds Book Two by Ariella Talix
King Outta Water (Dragon Guard Book 40) by Julia Mills
Check out these freebies and deals today! (Time Sensitive)
With the marvelous Elena Kincaid and Clara Fox at TNTNYC19!
del mare alla stella,
C.D. Gorri
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