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Bloom 8 — Week of September 18, 2020

School at Home

We are homeschooling this year and following our own curriculum and schedule. So far it has been good. My favorite part is spending a lot of time outside at parks and painting on the porch.

Boy riding a bike across a wooden bridge
Watercolor paintings on cork board
Living room with school decorations on wall
Crustacean Cafe Math
Printed list of writing ideas

Inspired by a Scholastic workbook, we set out to create our own menu with questions that require money math—you can print it for yourself if you'd like! Even more fun if you color the creatures. 

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Cutie pie, awww
Baby goat with sweater
Illustration from Eerie Elementary book series
Book review
Eerie Elementary (1)

This is the first of a series of books. It's about a school that is alive and people that don't believe a kid that says so. The quicksand is scary.


Preview graphic for Donut County
Great game
Donut County

In this game, you control a hole that eats everything. It has good stories to read. My favorite part is when the bird gets fat drinking water!


〰 Video Vibes 〰

This group uses drones to study shark behavior around people and I was surprised they are not attacking them.

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🧸 Toy Joy 🧸

I got a new drone recently and I love it. I've never had one with a camera before and I like that it has crash protections.

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