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Announcements 3rd February 2018

"What is so special and auspicious about Sivarathri? Mind has 16 aspects, of which 15 are merged on this night and only one is remaining. Make proper use of this holy night by undertaking Sadhana with devotion and steadfastness. What sort of Sadhana must you undertake? Cleanse your heart of all evil qualities. Evil qualities arise in you because of the misuse of the senses. It is the root cause of all sins. Sadhana does not mean doing Japa and meditation. You should develop pure and divine feelings in you. Consider everyone as divine." ~ Baba

Dear Vinod

Jai Sai Ram!  I'm sure many of us have reflected about our spiritual development as we started the New Year.  Swami has kindly shown us many different ways for us to move forward in our spiritual journey and this month we are lucky to have some wonderful satsangs and workshops to help motivate us and guide us on these steps on our journey. We hope you take advantage of these opportunities and join us in some of these events. As always, please send us any feedback about this email or our events by emailing us at

Sri Vijay Bhasker Talk in Leicester

We are privileged to host a talk by Sri Vijay Bhasker, trustee of the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust, on Saturday 10th February, 2pm - 4pm at Darji Hall, Vicarage Lane, Leicester LE4 5PD.

Sri Bhasker did his Bachelors and Masters in Commerce at the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and by profession was an Executive Director at the Reserve Bank of India.  We are sure he will be sharing many of his experiences with Swami and tell us more about the work of the Trust.  This will be a memorable afternoon and we hope you can join us.


We will be celebrating the auspicious festival of Shivratri on Tuesday 13th February at Soar Valley College, from 2pm - 4pm. It will be a night full of pray and devotion and will no doubt create a powerful and positive vibration. 

Meditation Workshop

  • Do you know how we can lead happier lives?
  • Did you know that we can re-wire our brain?

The benefits of meditation are outstanding and even science is catching up with evidence to show just how good meditation is for everyone. Swami also gave us the directive to meditate and it is part of the 9 point code of conduct.

We will be having an interactive meditation workshop on Sunday 25th February at Soar Valley College from 10:15am to 12:00pm where you will find out just how amazing meditation is. The programme will cover how to meditate, we will take a trip to Sai Kulwant Hall, understand what science has found out about meditation, learn what Swami has to say about it and end with a short Disney film. There will also be an easy to follow leaflet to take away with you. Meditation really can make an incredible difference to your life so do join us.

Sunday Workshops and Events

On Sunday 4th February, after bhajans we will be having a study circle on the significance of Prayers.

On Sunday 11th February, after bhajans we will have the next in the series of our Parent's Study Circles.  These are led by Girishbhai who is a consultant psychiatrist by profession.

On Sunday 18th February we have a Vedam practice for all those who wish to learn how to recite and chant the Rudram.

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Dates For Your Diary

Here are some dates for your diary for upcoming events we have planned. More information can be found above or will be circulated in the next few weeks

  • Sunday 4th February - Study Circle on Prayers
  • Saturday 10th February - Sri Vijay Bhasker talk
  • Sunday 11th February -  Parent's Study Circle
  • Tuesday 13th February - Shivratri programme
  • Sunday 18th February - Vedam Practice
  • Sunday 25th February - Meditation Workshop

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