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October 30
The Round Up


This is the first edition of a new monthly newsletter that I am starting - "The Round Up".

The Round Up could include: 

  1. Something interesting I have learned recently
  2. Any Blogs I have written in the last few weeks
  3. Any Videos I have posted to Youtube in the last few weeks
  4. Any Podcast that I have released in the last few weeks
  5. Any books I've read recently.

So here we go...

Something I have learned recently
Shoot Bullets, then Cannon Balls.

This concept is something that Jim Collins talks about in his Book "Great by Choice". The basic concept can be summed up like this: When you are trying something new, don't put all your time and resources into it. Try it prudently, if it works, put slightly more resources into it. Only when you are absolutely sure that something is going to work, should you put all your resources into that project. 

Recent Blogs

My Top 10 Productivity Tips

I sat down an brain stormed what I considered to be the Top 10 most helpful productivity tips that I have heard or learned about in the past few years. It's a short and quick read.

How to import anybook into amazon Kindle

This is a tutorial on how to convert and import any ebook (Not just ones bought on the kindle store) into Amazon Kindle. 

Read Articles
Recent Video

A problem I have encountered with note taking is that it's hard to store your notes quickly. There is decision fatigue that comes with storing a note in the correct place. "Does this note belong in 'marketing' or 'business'." So I asked myself, "Why not both?".

My Notion System is designed to allow notes to reside in multiple locations for quick and relevant note storage.

Recent Podcast
Eat your Frog

"Eat your Frog" comes from a quote by Mark Twain:

"Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day."

Ross Griffin

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