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February 7, 2020            

EU public sector experience for better Development Cooperation discussed in Vilnius

The international conference “Mobilizing Public Sector Expertise for EU Development Cooperation” was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Participants discussed the importance of public sector experience in implementing the EU development cooperation projects. Lithuania’s public sector actively shares its expertise and is among the leading implementers of the EU-funded Twinning projects aimed at upgrading the administrative capacities of the partner countries.

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NATO battalion in Baltics would be ready to act

The German-led NATO battalion in Lithuania, a "NATO buffer state", would have the determination to act, Lithuania's Chief of Defence Valdemaras Rupšys told BNS in an interview.

"I think there would be enough determination and will to use [the battalion]. This is guaranteed by their military commanders and not even called into question," he said

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The President received letters of credence from the Ambassadors of the United States, Greece and San Marino

President Gitanas Nausėda received letters of credence from Ambassador Robert S. Gilchristo of the United States, Ambassador Dimitrios Xenitellis of Greece and Ambassador Silvia Berti of San Marino.

During his meeting with the Ambassador of the United States, the President focused on bilateral political and economic relations.

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Minister L. Linkevičius: EU's next long-term budget should be fair

“Lithuania does not question the challenges of climate change, security or migration, but rather contributes to overcoming them in the spirit of solidarity. However, we believe that the proposal for a modern budget for the future lacks fairness. New priorities should not be implemented at the expense of traditional but equally important policies. <...>” said minister L. Linkevičius at the Friends of Cohesion Summit in Portugal.

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Key victories of 2019             |              Credits @ Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of Lithuania

Solutions dictated by the need for IT professionals: from non-formal education to corporate academies

The growing demand for IT specialists is heating the market not only in the world or Lithuania, but also in Kaunas. In order to prevent the limited supply of skilled workers from becoming a barrier to development and growth, companies are taking a variety of decisions. Nowadays they start looking for talent not in universities but in high schools. However, an equally important factor – the retraining of adults – brings some fresh perspectives and pushes companies to look at the shortage of professionals in a different way.

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Have an Idea that can Improve Children’s Lives? Apply for support from Reach for Change and Win 20 000 Euros

Reach for Change is announcing the beginning of “Game Changer” campaign. “We already have several success stories of ideas that went from being just ideas to businesses working towards a better life for children. For example, “” are helping parents of premature babies, “Teenshapers” are promoting healthy lifestyle and nutrition among teenagers, “Kūrybos kampas 360” is educating children
about environmental problems and sustainability. This year, we are looking for smart, brave and passionate social entrepreneurs who are determined to help children to reach their full potential”, – says Jurgita Ribinskaitė-Glatzer, „Reach for change“ country manager Baltics.

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The rising stars of Lithuania’s startup scene

In recent years, Estonia has been a buzzword for startup success, with companies like Bolt, Skype and TransferWise having a global impact. However, with second-hand clothing marketplace Vinted raising a €128m in Series E funding late last year — and in the process becoming Lithuania’s first tech unicorn — it is clearly time to look more closely at Estonia’s Baltic neighbour.

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Lithuania’s tax incentive continues to boost the local industry

The Lithuanian Film Centre has recently announced the results of the national tax-incentive scheme for film production for last year. Implemented in 2014, the Lithuanian Film Tax Incentive covers up to 30% of the production budget, and as has also been announced, the scheme will be effective in its current form until 31 December 2023.

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Vilnius: amazing wherever you think it is!            |              Credits @ GoVilnius

How’s Kaunas, the Future European Capital of Culture, Doing?

A handful of events initiated by Kaunas 2022 will already happen in 2020. Join us on our way from a temporary capital to a contemporary city!

The main agenda of Kaunas 2022 consists of seven programmes, each reflecting the history, present and future of Kaunas, as well as the contemporary city’s needs, in its terms.

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Manor in Lithuania praised for its uniqueness

In late January, the latest Lithuanian additions to the European Destinations of Excellence (EDEN) network were announced. The theme for EDEN 2019 was Wellness, and Paliesius Manor with its physical therapy clinic, located in the district of Ignalina, was selected the overall winner. The panel of experts praised the manor
for its uniqueness and commitment to social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

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Tiny Lithuania Was Once a Superpower of Europe

For many years now, the small Baltic country of Lithuania has been known as a breeding ground for some of the world’s best basketball players. Many people would be hard-pressed to name anything else that the country is known for, much less find it on a map, but that would not have been a problem in the early 15th century.

You see, at its peak in 1421 the empire of Lithuania comprised not only the country we know today but also parts of today’s Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia itself.

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FNE Market Analysis 2019: LITHUANIA

It was another great year for Lithuanian cinema, which continued to garner international attention. World premieres of Lithuanian films took place at internationally acclaimed festivals, including Cannes, Busan, Hot Docs Toronto, Shanghai, Karlovy Vary, Leipzig, Venice, Tallinn, with the support of the Lithuanian Film Centre. Works from almost all genres – feature films, documentaries, animated films, short films - were presented to global audiences and contended in competition programmes.

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Ambassade de France en Lituanie
4:25 PM - Feb 4, 2020

L'horloge de la Conciergerie, Boulevard du Palais, Paris I Prie seniausio Paryžiaus laikrodžio (1371 m.), esančio ant Teisingumo rūmų Paryžiaus centre pastato, esančio Boulevard du Palais, galite pamatyti užrašą lotyniškai, primenantį epizodą iš Henri de Valois 👑 , kuris buvo tapęs 🇵🇱 Lenkijos Karaliumi ir 🇱🇹️ Lietuvos Didžiuoju Kunigaikščiu, gyvenimo, o taip pat Lenkijos erelio ir Lietuvos Vyčio atvaizdus. C’est la plus ancienne horloge de Paris (1371). On peut y voir une inscription en latin qui rappelle un épisode de la vie d’Henri de Valois 👑 , élu roi de Pologne 🇵🇱 et Grand-duc de Lituanie 🇱🇹️ , ainsi que l’aigle de la Pologne et le Vytis lituanien. Photo France Diplomatie : Judith Litvine / MEAE

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February 18
Digital Lithuania Meetup #9: Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies: what are the opportunities for Lithuania? This is the ninth Digital Lithuania meetup, this time dedicated to quantum technology.

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February 28
Hackk4Climate hackathon

Europe has a plan to become the first continent that has neutral effect on climate change. In order to reach that, European Commission drafted the EU Green Deal toolkit, which helps industries to transition. Join the wave and have your take in reaching this goal until 2050 with Hack4Climate!

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Lithuanian Art and Culture in the UK
11:34 PM - Jan 31, 2020

(En) Great news for your ears and eyes: Katie Derham presents a lively mix of music and arts news with live performance in the studio from mezzo-soprano Justina Gringytė ahead of her appearance in Carmen at the London Coliseum. Percussionist Colin Currie joins us in the studio and the Rob Luft Quintet perform in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the BBC New Generation Artists scheme #lithuanianvoices (Lt) Pasiklausykime Katie Derham pristatomo muzikos mikso su Justina Gringyte, kuri Londone 2020 m. vasario mėnesį atlieka Karmen vaidmenį Londono ENO (English National Opera)👏 Lietuvos Respublikos Ambasada Londone / Lithuanian Embassy in London

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Highlight of the Week
Moment from visiting Lithuanian community in Belarus

Photo credits @ Jurijus Azanovas / MFA

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