September 2018 Update from Author Lynnette Bonner

My Life this Month...

September is always such a busy month in our family. 

  • Sept. 1st is my parents wedding anniversary. (They were married 57 years this year!)
  • Sept 2nd is my oldest sister's birthday.
  • Sept. 5th is my youngest daughter's birthday.
  • Sept. 9th is my birthday.
  • Sept. 13th is my dad's birthday.
  • Sept. 23 is my nephew's birthday.
  • Sept. 24th is my other sister's birthday. 

Quite a list right? But it means a month full of family gatherings! And get-togethers are one of my favorite things!

This year, my aunt and uncle, who live in Texas and who we hadn't seen for seven years, were able to come for a visit. My aunt is Panamanian and boy can she cook! We "suffered" through a meal of her chicken enchiladas that just about sent all of us to our death-beds--from overeating! This is a picture of them below. Aren't they sweet? 

I hope your September has been as blessed as mine!

Story World...

Cover Reveal, Beauty from Ashes, Book 3 in the Wyldhaven Series

I promised you all a peek at the cover for book 3 in the Wyldhaven series this month. I'm working hard on this book and hoping to have it out by the end of the year. 

You can find the first two books and a short video about the series by clicking the link below. If you haven't read book 1 and 2 yet, I invite you to give them a try and let me know what you think! You can do that by leaving a review on your favorite site, or by connecting with me through the contact form on my website.

Now, without further's the cover for Beauty from Ashes.

Wyldhaven Series Information - Click Here

This Month's Freebie...

Book one in my Pacific Shores series is free through the 18th. 

Take a little trip to the fictional town of Marinville, nestled on a sandy Pacific beach, where sea gulls surf the wind, waves sing against the shore, and love is never easy, but always worth the journey.

Get your free copy here:

From My Heart...

My daughter has been taking riding lessons. After just a few lessons, she was moved up into a more advanced class, where she was already learning to jump. Yesterday I was watching her ride. She had gone over the jump several times and done just fine. But on this particular jump, the horse shied to the left when it landed while at the same moment giving a little buck. In a flash my daughter was in the dirt. She is fine. In fact she jumped up so fast, ready to get back on, that her instructor made her sit back down to assess if all was well. 

But this image struck me. You see, this happened because her horse was on the wrong lead when it went over the jump. She had been struggling to get the horse to use the correct lead all lesson. 

What a good picture that is of life. If we are gliding along, content to rely on the wrong lead, in a heartbeat we can find ourselves face-down in the sand. 

The Bible says in Matthew 7:13-14 For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

It can be so tempting to let little things creep into our lives which lead us away from the Lord. Everything feels like it's going along okay, and then bam! everything catches up with us. I encourage you today to assess. Where are you at in your stride with the Lord? Keeping His Word as our focus is the only certain way to stay on the correct lead. 

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