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October 2, 2020            

Lithuania allocated humanitarian aid to help Palestinians in need

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania allocated EUR 17, 000 in humanitarian aid to Palestine, in order to help reduce the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The funds will be transferred to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

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Baltic Sea Region countries sign a declaration on cooperation in the development of offshore wind

A joint declaration of intent on cooperation in the development of offshore wind in the Baltic Sea was signed today in Szczecin, Poland. The declaration was signed by the European Commission and eight countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Germany.

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Lithuania speaks in the Human Rights Council’s debate on Ukraine

On 1st October 2020, Lithuania took the floor at the 45th session of the Human Rights Council (HRC) in interactive dialogue with the DÄ—puty High Commissioner for Human Rights on the human rights situation in Ukraine.

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Romain Gary reunited Lithuania and France once again

Romain Gary, a two-time winner of the Prix Goncourt who was born in Vilnius, was remembered today as President Gitanas NausÄ—da and First Lady Diana NausÄ—dienÄ— welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron and his spouse Brigitte Macron on an official visit to Lithuania and exchanged official gifts.

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President of France Emmanuel Macron visited NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup in Lithuania and French soldiers, currently residing in Rukla        |       @LRMOD

Sun, water and ice: Lithuania tests floating solar power

In a renewable energy experiment combining sun, water and ice, a Lithuanian power firm aims to install floating solar panels on a lake at a hydroelectric plant this year as part of a small but booming global market for “floatovoltaics”.

Solar panels mounted on pontoons, on lakes or at sea have been fitted in recent years in places ranging from a California vineyard to polluted industrial ponds at disused coal mines in China.

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Players in the medical technology industry in Kaunas, “We have a good imagination and are constantly developing it”

Med-Tech business is one of the prioritized and high-potential sectors in Kaunas. The potential for the development and growth of this sector is created not only by Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) and the University of Lithuanian Health Sciences (LSMU) but also by the synergy of medical innovation companies already operating here, business and science partnerships, and talented specialists living in Kaunas. One of them is the VaizduotÄ— UAB, which has united developers of innovative technologies, currently working on promising technologies not only in the field of medicine but also in the field of defense.

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Kaunas airport set to build solar power plant

The airport of Kaunas, the second biggest in Lithuania, intends to build a solar power plant.

Lietuvos Oro Uostai (Lithuanian Airports), the operator of Lithuania’s three airports, had launched market consultations on the construction of such a facility within the territory of the airport in order to reduce spending on electricity bills and to contribute to the promotion of green energy, the airport said.

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Lithuanian startup is reimagining the future of post-pandemic travelling

Imagine yourself walking city streets and immediately knowing what lies behind the walls of an old town building. As you move around, a voice in your head tells you a secret history fact, directs you to a scenic route or gives an insider tip on what to try in a local restaurant that you are passing by right this moment. According to the co-founders of the startup Near, Donatas Vainilaitis and Karolina RapalytÄ—-MasilionÄ—, that is exactly how we will be travelling after this global pandemic.

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Lithuanian - French Business Forum        |       @Enterprise Lithuania

Beba’s Story Tells of Jewish Life Before the Nazis

An exhibition based on the recently found autobiography of Beba Epstein, a fifth grader in Europe in the 1930s, has been posted online by the YIVO Institute.

Three years ago, a large cache of artifacts, including poems, letters and notebooks by some of the greatest Yiddish writers of the first half of the 20th century, was discovered in the basement of a church in Vilnius, Lithuania. In scouring through them and other artifacts that had been rescued from Nazi efforts to destroy all traces of Jewish culture, researchers discovered a more humble document: the writing of a fifth-grade girl telling of her daily life in Vilnius in the 1930s.

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The Vytautas the Great War Museum – virtual tour

The Vytautas the Great War Museum is one of the oldest museums in Lithuania.

After the Act of Lithuania’s independence was declared on February 16, 1918 and the establishment of the Lithuanian Armed Forces started by the Order from November 23, the Command of the Armed Forces decided to establish a Military Museum in Kaunas, the provisional capital, understanding the importance of military history and the commemoration of the merits of each officer and soldier to their homeland. However, the ongoing fights for independence stopped the process of the Museum establishment, which continued only after the struggles had ended.

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NY Baltic Film Festival is going virtual & all across the U.S., October thru November.
See the world through Baltic eyes        |       @NY Baltic Film Festival

October 2-4
Contemporary Art Fair Vilnius

International contemporary art fair ARTVILNIUS is the only contemporary art fair in Lithuania and the largest art fair in the Eastern Europe region

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October 9-10

Social Tech Hackathon “Experience Laboratory”

SOCIAL TECH hackathon “Experience Laboratory” will be looking for solutions to reduce racial, age, appearance, gender discrimination, domestic violence, and other social problems.

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Highlight of the Week
French President Emmanuel Macron commemorates victims of totalitarian regime during his visit to Lithuania

Photo credits @ URM

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