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10 September 2018

Choose Maths Awards

Now in their third year the Choose Maths Awards celebrate mathematical achievement, creativity and excellence in Australian schools.

This year’s awards attracted an overwhelming response with more teacher nominations and student video entries than ever.

The 2018 major teacher award winners are:

  • Mentoring Girls in Maths
    Corinne Vingerhoed
    Hunter School of Performing Arts, NSW
  • Outstanding Secondary Teacher
    Hayley Dureau
    Mount Waverley Secondary College, Vic.
  • Outstanding Primary Teacher
    Sheila Griffin
    Singleton Primary School, WA

The full list of awards can be found at 

reSolve professional learning modules

The first seven of the reSolve professional learning modules are ready for trialling. The modules are designed to complement the classroom resources and special topics and to offer not only a rationale for and explanation of the Protocol but also the specifics of the pedagogies associated with the inquiry approach to teaching and learning mathematics.

Go to www.resolve.edu.au/our-resources/professional-resources.

2018 George Alexander Foundation Fellowships

Three (3) Fellowships are available to Australian residents aged between 18–35 years in the areas of environment and sustainability, alternative energy, conservation, and education. The Fellowships are for $10 000 each and provide an opportunity for individuals to acquire higher-level skills and drive leading practice and innovation in Australia. It is intended that the Fellowship will demonstrate potential benefits for, and application in, Australia.

Applications close 28 September 2018. For more information, go to www.issinstitute.org.au/fellowship-applications.

15th International Conference of The Mathematics Education for the Future Project

Theory and Practice: An Interface or A Great Divide?
4-9 August 2019, Maynooth University, Kildare, Ireland

The Mathematics Education for the Future Project was founded in 1986 to develop innovation in mathematics, statistics, science and computer education. Since 1999 there have been 14 conferences throughout the world. The conferences are renowned for their friendly and productive atmosphere and attract many of the movers and shakers in education world-wide.

Download the first announcement and call for papers: 

For queries, email: alan@cdnalma.poznan.pl

Finals Time! with Maths300

Whether you follow AFL or NRL, you can engage your students in finals fever and mathematics —courtesy of Maths300! For a limited time, the Finals Time! lessons and accompanying software will be available to access for free. The lessons involve students in a simulation of the ‘final eight’ while learning about both the final structure and the underlying mathematics. Go to www.maths300.com/sample.

[featured resource] Numeracy: What Classroom Teachers Should Know

Thelma Perso

Mathematics and numeracy are often used interchangeably in schooling and in general usage. This book takes a comprehensive look at numeracy in an Australian context: what is ‘numeracy’; what it means when students become ‘numerate’ and the means by which they become so; how to implement a balanced numeracy program in your school; how to plan for numeracy instruction; common sources of
misunderstanding and impediments to learning; numeracy across the curriculum; assessment; and more.

#AAM413 $27.50 * AAMT members $22.00 *


[reduced] Developing Efficient Numeracy Strategies Stage 1

NSW Department of Education & Training

Detailed support to help develop students’ counting strategies in the junior primary years. This book provides a developmental framework for counting strategies that has been identified through extensive research in Australian classrooms. For each stage there is a range of activities to address particular aspects — sequencing, numeral identification and patterns etc. in the early stages, operations and strategies in the latter. The layout of each activity explicitly highlights key aspects of teaching as well as a brief discussion of why the learning is important and methods effective. This second edition includes references to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

#AAM414 $36.25 * AAMT members $29.00 *


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