[ECS Weekly Announcement]

April 16, 2021



Virtual Office Hours

Sunday 2pm-4pm Meeting ID: 707 495 2619 Passcode: ECS


Recruiting new ECS Board/Staff members NEW

ECS needs two volunteers to participate and serve the school Assistant Academics(1), Activity(2) & Fundraising(1) department board for 2021-2022.  Let’s bring in more new talents, new ideas and new creativity into the team! All board and staff members receive the following benefit:

Tuition waived for one child (Board 100% waived, Staff 50% waived)

All service points are fulfilled while serving on the team.

Please contact board and staff members any time via email to learn more from current members.



Vocabulary Competition

The Vocabulary Competition will be held on 5/2/2021. 1st to 4th grade will need to recognize and create phrases. 5th grade and above will be required to recognize and create sentences. All students are required to attend. The results will be used as class placement for next school year. Please contact your teacher ASAP if you are not able to attend. Make up date will be 5/9/2021.


Seeking Teachers for 2021-2022

ECS is seeking Pinyin and Zhuyin teachers for the next school year. Teachers will be compensated with hourly wages and enjoy the tuition waiver of one student in the household. If interested, please contact Academics .



Registration for Returning Students for 2021-2022

Due to COVID19 pandemic and the lack of FCPS information for fall in-persion learning, ECS is postponing the registration for returning students until 5/1, to give the board sufficient time to monitor the pandemic and FCPS directives, in order to make decision on how we can return for in-person learning in the fall.



Virtual Club

5/1 will be the last outdoor meetups for Yoyo Club. Details and sign up information can be found on the Google form .


2021 Chinese Karaoke Film Contest

The 11th Chinese Karaoke film contest sponsored by Chinese NESTA is upon us. Please contact Mrs. Wang if you are interested in participating.


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