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April 2020 | Vol 2, No 4


Call for Abstracts
Martin Chautari, Kathmandu University and Aarhus University
invite abstracts of research papers for the conference
Questioning ‘Corruption’: Comparative Perspectives on Education, Finance and Power
15-16 October 2020
Submission deadline: 30 April 2020
Final papers due: 15 September 2020
For more information, write to
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New Himalaya Editors
Jeevan Sharma and Michael Heneise are the new co-editors of Himalaya,
the journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies.
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Postponement of BNAC Nepal Study Days
Britain-Nepal Academic Council announces that Nepal Study Days due to take place on
4-5 May 2020 has been postponed until further notice as a precautionary measure following the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in London.
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Vol 39, No 2, 2019
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Janapriya Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
Vol 8, 2019
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Samāj Adhyayan
Vol 14, 2019
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Human Rights Journal
Vol 13, 2020
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Studies in Nepali History and Society
Vol 24, No 2, 2019
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The Geographical Journal of Nepal
Vol 13, 2020
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Contributions to Nepalese Studies
Special Issue: Nepal's Dalits in Transition
Edited by David N. Gellner & Krishna P. Adhikari
Vol 46, No 2, 2019
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Adibasi Bidrohako Itihaas
(in Nepali)
Edited by
Raj Kumar Dikpal
Manjari Publication, 2019

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Feminist Institutionalism and Gendered Bureaucracies
Forestry Governance in Nepal
Radha Wagle, Soma Pillay & Wendy Wright
Palgrave Macmillan, 2020

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(in Nepali)
Devendra Raj Panday
Martin Chautari, 2020
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Nepal’s Quest for Survival in a Challenging Geopolitical Setting
M.R. Josse
Nepal Foundation for Advanced Studies, 2020

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Paidal Anusandhan
Prayog ra Upalabdhi
(in Nepali)
Edited by
Sohan Prasad Sha & Mahesh Raj Maharjan
Martin Chautari, 2020
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Transnational Labour Migration, Livelihoods and Agrarian Change in Nepal
The Remittance Village
Ramesh Sunam
Routledge, 2020
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Journal Articles

A Stage for the Unknown?
Reconciling Postwar Communities Through Theatre-Facilitated Dialogue
Anne Dirnstorfer
& Nar Bahadur Saud

International Journal of Transitional Justice,
14:1, 2020
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Ethno-Caste Influences on
Migration Rates and Destinations
Nathalie Williams, Prem Bhandari,
Linda Young-DeMarco, Jeffrey Swindle,
Hughes, Loritta Chan,
Arland Thornton
& Cathy Sun
World Development, 130, 2020
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Get Rich or Die Tryin’
Perceived Earnings, Perceived Mortality Rates, and Migration Decisions of Potential Work Migrants from Nepal
Maheshwor Shrestha
World Bank Economic Review, 34:1, 2020
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Legal Aid
Existing Law, Policies and Practices in Nepal
Bimal Prasad Lamichhane
Journal of Political Science, 19, 2019
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Outmigration and Land-Use Change
A Case Study from the Middle Hills of Nepal

Bhawana KC & Digby Race
Land, 9:1, 2020
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Schooling and Development
Global Discourses and Women’s Narratives from Nepal
Alba Castellsagué & Sílvia Carrasco
Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, 2020
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Family Obligation
Attitudes, Gender, and Migration

Christina Hughes, Prem Bhandari,
Linda Young-DeMarco,
Arland Thornton
Nathalie Williams
International Journal of Sociology, 2020
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Heterogeneous Effects of
Development Aid on Violent Unrest
in Postwar Countries
Village-Level Evidence from Nepal

Alexander De Juan
International Studies Quarterly, 64:1, 2020
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Lucrative Disaster
Financialization, Accumulation and Postearthquake Reconstruction in Nepal

Dinesh Paudel, Katharine Rankin &
Philippe Le Billon
Economic Geography, 2020
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Policymakers’ Agency and the Structure
The Case of Medium of Instruction Policy in Multilingual Nepal

Prem Prasad Poudel & Tae-Hee Choi
Current Issues in Language Planning, 2020
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Tara Rai’s Chhapamar Yuwatiko Diary
Narrative & Socio-Political Context of Her War Trauma in Nepal
Khagendra Acharya, Orla T. Muldoon & Jangab Chauhan
Narrative Inquiry, 30:1, 2020
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Vote Shifting Patterns
Comparative Cases from the Constituent Assembly Elections in Nepal
Amrit Kumar Shrestha,
Shyam Prasad Phuyel
Kamal Kumar Poudel
Journal of Social and Political Sciences,
3:1, 2020
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Book Chapters

Grounding Nexus Governance
De-Nexused Developments in Nepal
Dipak Gyawali & Jeremy Allouche
In Frontiers in Water-Energy-Nexus—Nature-Based Solutions, Advanced Technologies and Best Practices for Environmental Sustainability,
edited by Vincenzo Naddeo,
Malini Balakrishnan & Kwang-Ho Choo
Springer, 2020
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Multi-Stakeholder Hydropower Disputes and Its Resolutions in Nepal
Sanju Koirala, Prakash Bhattarai &
Sarita Barma
In Water Issues in Himalayan South Asia,
edited by Amit Ranjan
Palgrave Macmillan, 2020
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Hinduism in the
Secular Republic of Nepal

David N. Gellner & Chiara Letizia
In The Oxford History of Hinduism: Modern Hinduism, edited by Torkel Brekke
Oxford University Press, 2019
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The Application of the
Geneva Conventions in Nepal
Domestication as a Way Forward
Tek Narayan Kunwar
In Asia-Pacific Perspectives on International Humanitarian Law, edited by Suzannah Linton, Tim McCormack & Sandesh Sivakumaran
Cambridge University Press, 2019
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The Future of Asian Migration to the Gulf
S. Irudaya Rajan & Ginu Zacharia Oommen
In Asianization of Migrant Workers in the Gulf Countries,
edited by S. Irudaya Rajan & Ginu Zacharia Oommen
Springer, 2020
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Reconstructing Nepal
Bhaktapur - Heritage and Urban Reconstruction
Manoj Suji, Bina Limbu, Nabin Rawal, Prakash Chandra Subedi
& Jeevan Baniya
Social Science Baha, 2020
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Social Assistance Program for Education in Nepal
Research Brief 30
Martin Chautari, 2020
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Response to Image
Women as (Invisible Labouring) Infrastructure
Hanna Ruszczyk

In Labouring Urban Infrastructure: A Digital Magazine,
edited by Alejandro De Coss-Corzo,
Hanna Ruszczyk & Kathleen Stokes
Manchester Urban Institute, 2019
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Augustine Thomas, S.J. was awarded a PhD in Leadership Studies from Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines. The title of his dissertation is ‘Leadership Development in the Context of Nepal: A Narrative Analysis of the Stories of Non-Christian Jesuit Alumni Leaders’. Through the framework of narrative identity, this study analysed the narratives of selected business leaders in Nepal. The research focused on identifying how Jesuit education helped the students of different faiths in their leadership development. The research also identified the socio-cultural elements that shaped leadership qualities at pre-adult age. For more information, contact the author at

Kamal Prasad Pokhrel (Sharma) was awarded a PhD from the College of Education, Psychology and Social Work, Flinders University. His dissertation is titled ‘Parental Engagement in Caring For and Educating Children with Disabilities in a Western Region of Nepal: Experiences and Perspectives of Parents and Professionals’. The aim of this research was primarily to  elicit the experiences and insights of parents of children with disabilities in a western region of Nepal and, in addition, the perspectives of local teachers, head teachers, community members and government officials.

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