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Newsletter February 2020

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Photo of president Sue Hunter

President's Message

As our 2nd semester is well underway, we are thrilled that 476 participants are registered in at least 1 activity this semester! In addition to this, I believe we are at a record 35 activities taking place weekly at 7 different venues throughout Brockville.

This is an incredible success story. In fact, I think a refresher of our history is in order. (This information and more, can be found on our website

The Brockville 50+ Activity Centre, (formerly called the Shepherd’s Welcome Centre) moved to its current location, the Wall Street United Church on September 14th, 1998. Yes, going strong in its 22nd year! The mandate, unchanged, is: “To enhance the lives of those 50 years old and over, by providing a friendly and welcoming environment, affordable programs and activities that will keep them mentally and physically active.”

This is made possible by the registration fees paid by members as well as an annual donation to the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre from the Shepherd’s Centre Foundation. The Foundation began through a bequest given by a man named Lawrence Stein. At the time of his death, he requested that his endowment would benefit seniors in this area. As a result, his lawyer saw to it that a board was formed to invest and manage the bequest.

The subsequent Foundation continues to make possible the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre. Thank you, Mr. Stein! Your legacy lives on, and we are very grateful for your insight to the importance of our well being.

Having said that, I look back to my own association with the AC. Having lived in Brockville for only 3½ years, I am truly blessed to have found the 50+ group! This is my 8th semester as a member and I could not be happier. I have met and become friends with so many members and continue to do so.

I have learned so many things, of which I really didn’t even think I could!: Painting in Art Studio (something I always envisioned doing after retirement), Drawing/sketching, Mosaic Art, Badminton, Pickleball, to name a few.

This semester, I am playing Table Tennis with a fun and fabulous group of people. I look forward to every Wednesday morning! Also new this semester, School of Rock. Another great group of people, sharing their musical talents. Singing with the gang last Friday was so much fun!!

Keeping in mind, none of this would be possible without our Leaders, Facilitators, Office Staff, Volunteers and Board of Directors. Thank you SO much for all that you do! 😊

Sue Hunter

Winter Weather Policy Update

Our Winter Weather Policy was recently updated. We draw your attention to a significant change regarding church closures:

Weather related notices will not be sent out from the AC office unless the Wall St. United Church decides to close its doors. If the WSUC closes, the AC office will notify 50+ members as soon as possible via an email that all activities for the day are cancelled at the WSUC.

Please familiarize yourself with the entire updated document using this link: Weather Policy Update

    Housekeeping Reminders

    The Brockville 50+ Activity Centre has grown, this semester with 35 activities.

    The majority of activities are taking place at the Wall Street United Church. We are very fortunate to have access to so many spaces there and we want to make sure that we are doing all that we can to accommodate the Church when we are there.

    Here are a few reminders that would be helpful:

    • Please take a moment at the end of your weekly activity, to shut the lights off in the room that you are in. This will not only be helpful for Trevor, but it can also cut monthly electrical costs.
    • When it is wet outside, we ask that everyone remove their boots in the entrance way and place them in a bag and bring to your activity. Thank you for doing this.
    •  In addition to this request, if you have an activity in the gym, please do not block the ramp with boots or coats or the removal of both as there are times when a wheelchair-abled person needs access to the ramp. The ramp should remain clear at all times. Thank you.
    • Lastly, please be mindful, if you are eating or drinking coffee or tea in any of the activity rooms or gym, please be sure to dispose of everything when you leave. On occasion, members have obtained a hot beverage from the kitchen, if they didn’t bring their own. If you do so, please make a donation for payment. Some members are in “back to back” activities and don’t get a chance to leave the church for lunch or a snack. It is fine to bring your food from home on those occasions.

    Thank you to all leaders and participants for your understanding of these requests. If you have any questions or concerns, as always, please bring them to your leader or a board member and not the church staff, as we, the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre are a tenant of the church, and it is our responsibility to liaise with the church regarding any 50+ Activity inquiries.

    New Board Members

    As mentioned in the previous newsletter, there was an opening on the board of directors.

    We are extremely pleased to add the following 3 new board members effective immediately:

    John Pyl, Carmen Grosse, and Rob Letkemann.

    All three are currently members of the AC. Each of them come with impressive resumes that will be a definite asset as we move forward with the Brockville 50+ Activity Centre.

    Please join us in welcoming John, Carmen and Rob to their new positions.

    This brings our current board to 11 members. The website board listing will be updated shortly.

    More news regarding boards:

    There may be an opening soon on the Shepherd's Centre Foundation Board. This board, led by Marian Rafferty, manages the investments that subsidize our 50+ activities. Please forward an email of interest, including any skills that would be beneficial to your serving on this board. Email to be sent to to the attention of Marian Rafferty.

    Upcoming Event

    CPR/Defibrillator Training

    We will be again offering a training session, facilitated by a St. John Ambulance instructor,  in this key safety area.

    Venue: WSUC Living Room

    Date: Friday March 13, 2020

    Time: 1 pm

    For further information re signup, etc, contact Marian Rafferty in the AC Office

    Income Tax Return Preparation Assistance

    Yes, the dreaded taxman with his tentacles is looming once again!  If you are a low income earner and would like to avail of free advice and assistance in preparing your return, the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau offers such a service.

    For details access Income Tax Program.

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