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Weekly Newsletter October 23rd

Hello  ,

It's been a fairly relaxed week at my end since I've taken the first ever trip this year. What a welcome relief it's been from the stay-at-home situation. 

On the other hand, I've not stopped writing or creating content. It's incredible how my approach to content creation has become one of joy and routine rather than drudgery and deadlines. 

💜 How I stopped focusing on page views and what I worked on instead: 

You've probably read this already, but ever since I stopped worrying about page views (and likes on social media) my entire approach to content creation has become infused with joy. I now create content regularly on Medium, my blog and social media channels plus my newsletter on a timetable.

In other words, no more waiting for writing inspiration. I write everyday and I write anyway. No stress. Try it :)

💜 How I have made time for work and family everyday without stress, overwhelm or a feeling of frenzy:

Earlier, I'd do rigorous time blocking. Now I do relaxed time blocking. How this helps is that I can very comfortably set things aside if a situation crops up and then gently come back to it when the time is right. I've played more with my daughter this week, finished reading two books, done my Yoga and still made time for writing.

I'm not superhuman and I don't aim to be. I've just learnt to gently train my attention where it needs to be spent.

Currently reading HyperFocus: How to Work Less to Achieve More by Chris Bailey and taking copious notes.

💜 How I sold out TWO group sessions within 24 hours of announcing them to my e-mail list: 

This week on the blog, I'm sharing how I managed this. I also dive into why and how a small email list can help make you money. It is something I meant to publish almost a month ago, but I'm rather glad I waited to write about it. Here it is: How I sold out two sessions with a small but engaged email list

Growing a Solo Business: Do you plan to grow your own solo business? It's invigorating and challenging all at once, but these tips from my own personal journey may help you if you decide to do it as well.

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How to get Engaged Readers: Ever wondered how exactly you can grow your own list of engaged readers, followers and subscribers? Without worrying about page views, algorithm changes and keeping up with a myriad number of updates? I share what works for me.

Read it here


Stay away from Instagram Follow Loops: Speaking of engaged readers, I've always cautioned against following the herd, especially when it comes to Instagram followers, loops and bots. 

This is why you should not use those methods to boost your audience.



1. My Free Instagram Course is now completely free; meaning, you don't need to sign up for my newsletter anymore to take the course. Access it here and feel free to share it with anyone who'd be interested as well.

2. My mentor and coach, George Kao, is releasing a new training program titled 'Netcaring: A Joyful Alternative to Networking'. I've taken George's Introductory course on Authentic Business Practices and it has changed my approach to my work. I've already signed up for this Netcaring course and cannot wait for it to begin! Impressed by how George keeps his courses affordable for everyone.

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Shailaja V, Blogging & Social Media Consultant

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