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Lucy's Personal Update:

Hi everyone! Hopefully everyone is staying healthy and keeping warm. Up here in Canada it's been snow, snow, snow this past week! Luckily I have the sweetest neighbours who give me a hand when I get trapped in!

The past couple of weeks I haven't produced a new video, because I've been hard at work making new patterns! The pattern development is the most tedious part, but once a pattern is accepted, grading to different sizes goes quickly and once it's done, it's done for good!

Excitingly, we'll soon be expanding sizes in the shop - within a couple of months, most corsets will be available in sizes 16" up to 44", and possibly even bigger if TT gets demand for it!

And here's a sneak peek of something else I've been working on (I've since tweaked this panel, this is a previous version -- I'm a bit of a perfectionist, to the chagrin of producers who want to get products out on a deadline)

My friend Nikki is changing the meaning of bespoke corsetry!
Custom colored grommets! Oh YES.

Grommets and eyelets in any color you can imagine

The ever impressive (and far too humble!) Nikki of Narrowed Visions has successfully found a way to bond almost any color to smooth metal in such a way that doesn't cause them to immediately chip, tarnish or wear away. 

She's done this for years on busks, but grommets and eyelets posed a new challenge as they must be curved and distorted to be set. But where there's a will, there's a way! And Nikki has released these grommets in limited sets right now.

Head over to her Etsy page to be one of the first to try her amazing work. (Etsy does throw me a few cents from each sale from this link as an affiliate. Etsy pays for this, not Nikki. But I really do adore how she's changing the game for custom corsetry!)

Oops, I forgot to list this waspie! Only 5 available.
Click here to see the other specs of the waspie, $59
Lucy wears the Jade corset by Glamorous Corset

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie waspie, sizes 20-24

My North American Rebel Madness stockist found a *smol* range of these black waspies!

Less than 8 inches high in the center front, 7 inches high on the side seam. They're a similar silhouette to the TT cinchers in my shop, but more easily stealthable (due to the gently rounded bottom edge) and RM corsets are more lightweight and flexible in construction.

7 inch hipspring, but because it's so short, it can fit "somewhat like" a 10-inch hipspring corset on someone with a longer torso (like me) because it stops well above the hip bones.

There are only 5 of these left, in sizes 20, 22 and 24. The cost is $59 and they're final sale, like the other RM clearance corsets.

Note: even if you put multiple brands in your cart, US customers will only be charged $10 flat shipping!

If you'd like to see ALL brands I carry, see the selection here.

And of course, if you would like me to look at your measurements and predict how any corset in my shop might fit on you, I have a free fitting service here too! 

Let me see all of the clearance corsets most items at only $59)
What else is new?

"Coupons for Community Contributions" is paused for tweaking!

Wowzers, there was a bigger response than I expected for the community contributions for closed captioned videos announcement last week, and it took me most of the past week to manually review all the videos! Thank you ALL so much for your help!

Unfortunately there's a common theme where it seems contributors are focused more on speed than on precision -- I still caught quite a few mis-heard Google typos (I had to still change a few "course ats" or "courses" into "corsets", or "Yemenite" into "Gemini"). I also had to re-time some of the CCs so that they flowed a little more naturally (broken into thoughts where there would naturally be a comma or period at the end, instead of one thought stretching across two different captions).

Also, "thanks" to the jokesters who slyly inserted fart jokes or swear words in the captions. No coupons for you. 😜

It normally takes me about an hour to really carefully caption a video, and with some other people's submissions, unfortunately it's actually taking me longer to correct their corrections than start out from scratch!

So after last week, I'm amending the "Coupons for Community Contributions" project. I've already sent out coupons for everyone who made a genuine effort, and I'm putting the project on pause for now. I'm going to write some clearer instructions and set some ground rules before I bring the project back!

Heartfelt thanks to EVERYONE for your efforts and contributions -- I promise the project will be back sooner than you think!

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