Calendars: It's about time.

Halloween victors, Fanfiction submissions open, animations, updates, but first check out this promo I put together for Vivid- the music takes it to another level:

It's about time!  (Rimshot, please.)  The reader-requested 2020 Dreamkeepers calendar is available for pre-order now, including a sheet of 30 peel-off cartoon stickers.

Character packs include exclusive merchandise of Namah, Vi, or Vanth.  Daymaster packs sold out, but I believe there are some of each character pack still available.

Happy Halloween!

The 2019 Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart contest winners are here for your viewing pleasure.  

Winners get prizes, and every entrant gets a Mystery Sticker- IF they e-mail us with their address before November 15th. 

Speaking of November- it's time for the Fanfiction contest.  The gallery is open for entries. Writers, it is now game on.  Share your work, gather readers, and may the voting gods favor thee. 

The holidays are sneaking up on us- in addition to calendars, Skirmish strategy guides are now available in the Vivid store.  Order during November for guaranteed Christmas delivery (for domestic orders.)

Construction continues behind the scenes on something for 2020.  We're planning a fun little galaxy-spanning show for you...

And as the physics engine nears completion, we're animating Mace to create a playable Dreamkeepers video game demo- playdate TBA as we complete more progress.

All that, and of course Volume 5 is updating every week.  Thank you, backers!  You guys are making all this possible.

It's your good will and support that allows these comics, animations, books, games, and more to come to life.  Every bit helps- more resources can start to pull in cleanup animators and level designers for the video game work, and maybe even some funding for voice acting...  So if you know anyone that might enjoy Vivid content, make them an insider and share.


We'll continue doing all we can, and looking forward to bringing you new worlds to enjoy.

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