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How to Make a Successful Cold Call

While there are plenty of ways to get sales leads, sometimes you end up having to call people you’ve never met. This process, known as “cold calling,” is actually easy–but only if you know how to do it.

-by Ceri Ruenheck - It's Your Call

How to Solve the 5 Biggest Sales Problems

Inc.Common sales problems all sales people face and how to overcome them.  Although most of what we consider the “biggest” problems in sales are opinions, or can be considered very specific to the person, product/service, industry, or many other factors. There are some that seem to pop up frequently among sales professionals. I’m sure if you check with some survey company or a larger marketing agency there may be some variations. 

-by Tom Libby - Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc.

Marketing Articles

The Art of the Subject Line

From friends and family to clients and potential customers, getting someone to open your email is not always easy, or is it?  Let’s talk about the subject line.  It’s the first thing everyone sees, and in a split second a decision is made - to read or not to read.  Now, a great subject line will get your email read immediately, a good subject line might get your email read within 24 hours, and a bad subject line, even to your friends and family, means your email may never get read.

-by Stephanie Creech - Screech Marketing

Want to build trust and loyalty? Tell your story on video

Not long ago, both my girls were achieving some major milestones with bulldogged determination and without as much as a hint of a hiccup. They learned to talk, walk and eat on their own all within the first 16-18 months of their lives. No, they didn't get it down the first, fifth, or maybe even 500th time they tried. Yes, they fell, they failed, and they cried. Yet, they just kept going and kept doing until one day I clearly heard the word "mommy" or saw them take their first wobbly steps.

-by Gayle Nowak - The Story Stylist

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