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A World Uncaged

With the end of The Manhunters series we can finally begin to see the scope I have planned for the world of Timea. We can see for the first time just how involved the work is and where I am headed. I wanted to take the time to show you a few things that are not obvious, things maybe you have noticed but maybe aren’t standing out yet.

It is all connected. I have talked about it before but in Crown we can see this is a world unfettered by the borders of a single series. A world that crosses over itself and has ramifications on a broader scale.

Crown tells the final story of The Manhunters series but hints at a lot more and finishes stories begun in other places.

We see Konnon Crillian again, which ties the book to Song but also binds it to Legends of Perilisc which came out on July 9th, 2016. In that book we see Konnon’s origin story and things are explained that are hinted at in Song.

A set of twins were conceived in the book Chaste. Those children are seen in Crown. A pair of boys that are mentioned and serve as a prime motivator in Mestlven as they are Sob’s sons, a pair of boys kidnapped and kept from her for the remainder of her life.

Saykobar Hesh is in Crown as well as Hemlock, tying those books to both Legends of Perilisc as well as Mestlven. His origin story appearing in one and his rise to power appearing in the other.

In Liefdom we see the son of Gentry Mandrake and Stylus Pea, just a flash of an appearance of a fey named Gentry Wolfsbane. In Crown we meet this young fey and get an idea of what his life is like and what purpose he serves.

Every book I have published thus far has some influence on the book Crown, stories finished or brought forward that have begun in other places, but it doesn’t end there.

Crown is attached to Onslaught of Madness, which will be released October 5th, 2019, as well as the rest of The Madness Wars books through the character Saykobar, answering questions about the immense power he has reached in his time between Mestlven and Hemlock.

It is tied to Plight of Madness, which has a release date of April 15th, 2021, through the Callden Collective and the story of their origin. Showing us how this extremely powerful group of spellcasters united and the theories they built their college on.

There is a section in Crown where a main character travels into Hell, tying it to a book that will come out April 15th, 2027 called On the Corpse of Wrath.

In a world uncaged by the limitations of each book or series, things have a tendency to mix and mingle with each other. Telling stories that can stretch and swell to encompass an entire continent and whole groups of heroes and heroines that possess the kind of power to affect an entire universe of story and legend. So when you read Crown find its connections to every book I have published and everything coming up.

If you decide to follow it all as it unfolds, look for a timeline of events on my website at

New Release

I recently had the opportunity to work with a group of very talented authors on an anthology called Blackest Knights. It has two of my short stories in it, including an origin story for the character Aaron the Marked. You can also find Aaron in Hemlock and many other upcoming stories.

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