Emergency Coronavirus Financial Planning

Emergency Financial Planning

In crazy times like this, you have to know how to budget for a short term crisis. This is MUCH different than regular budgeting. Crisis budgeting is a special skill that most people don't get a chance to learn.

Our bankruptcy department has special insight into what you should be doing (and not doing) to make it through this crisis. Read this very insightful post. I guarantee you will say "I didn't know that" at least once.

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Video Conferencing Available

Yes. We are open! And will stay open even if we all have to stay home! We spent the last 5 years becoming fully digital & cloud based, and it is paying off now.

So we won't miss a beat in handling your case, or taking in new cases. We can do it all over the internet.

We offer video conferencing for all clients who want to meet with their attorney face to face. Check out the link below to see how that works, and to see our plans for working during the coronavirus crisis of 2020. Stay safe out there!

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