noun: acronym; plural noun: acronyms

An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word (e.g. ASCII, NASA ). Origin: 1940s: from Greek akron ‘end, tip’ + -onym.

The Clinton (Bill) campaign in 1992:

  • KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

Tyler James of The ComixLaunch Course uses:

  • BADASS: Batching, Automating, Delegating, Assessment & Accountability, Scheduling, Systematizing

Personal finance guru Robert Kiyosaki has

  • FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful.

There are undoubtedly a few dozen other useful Acronyms, recipes for sorting out your life and life's tasks. They're all good. Over the last year or two I created one for myself, ready to be thrown on the pile. Here goes:


is for Plan, Energy, Action, Craft, Help others, Engage, and Study the results.

It works really well for me (well duh, I designed it for myself). It has just the right emphasis on the things I want to concentrate on the most, with a structure that fits my crazy life. Here's how it plays out:


It starts with a plan, obviously. Gotta start somewhere. Your plan is different from anyone else's. It contains what you want to get done in the time to do it. Mine's set up week to week. What to do first? What gets priority? Before laying out your schedule, think about the next step:


It means where's your energy level at for performing certain tasks? Are you a morning person? Are you better at reading stuff (studying, emails, articles) in the morning or night? If you're an artist, can you draw late at night where you don't have to 'think' as much? That's me for sure.



It's not enough to make a plan, and structure it around the best times when you have the right energy. You got to take action. If you're like me you'll find a lot of holes and errors in judgement. That's okay, just try out a different plan, re-tailor it and take ACTION on it again!


Now you're humming along week to week with your schedule. Great. Stuff's getting done. But how about the quality of what you're doing? Is it better, even just a bit better, than last week. Did you go in and fix some weak spots in your abilities that needed addressing? Did you see someone else do what you tried to do and did it better? GREAT! You got a level you can shoot for! Nobody's going to attain absolute perfection, but everybody can make a better product than last week if they are aware of the level of CRAFT they bring to it.


This one's a great release-valve for letting out all your hubris and self-congratulatory talk. Is what you're making helping anybody? How does it connect with your community? Are there people out there -even if it's a small group- who are in a better place by knowing you or using your influence? Does your work help anyone?


Talking about those your'e helping, now go in and interact with them. Turn your project into a two-way line of communication. Open up your ears and listen to feedback and advice.

Okay, here's the last one:


Make sure you take time to reflect on your goals versus the outcomes. Did anything in the plan, energy, action, craft, helping, engagement get you further along in your journey? Maybe there's some stuff that worked great you can amplify. Maybe some stuff that didn't work you can drop?

Okay, I'm a spreadsheet geek.

But hear me out. I took the time to try and get this as workable as possible. On my bulletin board, in the shadows lurks the printed out 'Ideal Week' that I strive to keep on schedule for. It's not always a slam-dunk every week (lucky if I hit 75% of my goals) but it puts my feverish brain to rest knowing that there's going to be time for everything, and it will look great!

I work two jobs, the first one starts very early in the morning. First one's Tues-Sat, the second one's Mon-Fri. I found that I could only get logical/analytical work done mornings on the weekends and the more creative stuff I could let slide later in the day. After trial and error I was able to come up with a schedule that is custom tailored to that work flow. I added a quick 'hour nap after dinner' chunk, where I get home, eat, sleep an hour and start making comics. Sounds nutty, but it works for me. No doubt you might have a schedule quirk all your own.

I took a brave stand and deliberately made Tuesday and Wednesday a 'no man's land' where I won't do anything comic book related, just work the two jobs, go home, eat and go to bed. I can't feel guilty for ducking out because I wrote it there in the Plan!

That's it! Have a great weekend!

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