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New Website and More!

First, I'd like to apologise for my silence. I've invited you all into my home, with the lure of hot, warm cookies (or a short romance book, in this case) and then ignored you completely.

For that, I am sorry. 

I have some news for you, though. I have a new website: I'm not going to blog anymore because it's too much work, and takes too much time away from writing. And let's be honest, it's the books we like. At least that's what I like. Well, the stories.

In exchange, I'll be preparing more stories for you. More free bits of writing. 

I will be e-mail you the first Friday of every month, with book recommendations and reviews, any bit of writing of news about my work, if thee is anything new. 

In between newsletters, you might receive occasional offers if I run any promotions. 

I've also revamped my Facebook page. You can keep up easily with any news, there, and more books to read, like what I am reading at the moment, anything that catches my eye and I think you would like, any exciting movies coming up...

I am also keen to hear from you. If  you have any suggestions, questions or feedback, you can e-mail me at

Talk to you on the 7th of September!


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Sophie A. Monroe

Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

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