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Hey friends, welcome to the all new Stream Report, a weekly newsletter from Gaming Careers covering important news and updates in gaming, streaming and content creation.

This week has seen a number of big announcements and events across the gaming and streaming spaces: NVIDIA introduced the world to RTX Voice, Fortnite's Travis Scott live event broke records and Twitch has expanded it's Channel Points options.

Fortnite - Travis Scott's Astronomical Event

How many people might tune into a virtual concert held within Fortnite you might ask? 12.3 Million.

Those are the official figures shared by Epic Games in what was it's highest ever concurrent viewers (read: players) at any given time

Not only can players cash-in on the event with special skins, in-game emotes, gliders and special edition loading screens; they can also listen to the playlist on Apple Music.

Introducing RTX Voice

NVIDIA has introduced it's RTX Voice Beta plugin. Available to those with RTX series cards (as well as those without them). This plugin removes distracting background noise from voice chats and broadcasts leaving it smooth as butter.

RGB viewer immersion

Razer and have teamed up to bring a new experience to Twitch viewers. The Wasder Chroma Scheduler will trigger light events on your viewers Razer RGB devices. That's right, your viewers.

Custom Rewards Collection

Twitch adds the Custom Rewards Collection to it's Channel Points rewards list. Making it easier for Partners & Affiliates to add custom redemption options for viewers.

Did NVIDIA Just FIX Streamers Audio?

NVIDIA just released their RTX Voice App that uses AI to completely remove background noise from your microphone LIVE!

I made a video going through several examples of how it can help eliminate noise from your streams and recordings. It did an amazing job with keyboard clicks, air conditioner/fan noise, and traffic sounds.

Get AMAZING Audio For Your Streams

In the latest podcast episode, I talk to Bandrew Scott, of Podcastage, an audio expert who's built a whole YouTube channel reviewing microphones and audio interfaces for podcasters and streamers. 

We talk about:

  • Why are the SM7B & Blue Yeti mics so popular?
  • USB vs XLR microphones
  • How to choose your next microphone
  • Thoughts on the GoXLR
See what Podcastage had to say!
Podcastage Podcastage
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I had so much fun chatting with Pete about his findings of the most popular microphones on twitch, and all things sā€¦

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You can check out this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Podcasts.

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