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Help me title my short story.

My soon to be released e-novella needs a name

This short story was written to be given away to Blake Allwood readers for participating in my newsletter/blog/mailing list.

What you need to know:

  • Setting: Downtown Nashville.
  • Zach: His parents kicked him out after high school and he no longer has contact with them.  He put himself through school and became a pharmacist who owns his own apothecary shop.
  • Lane: His parents and extended family embraced him when he came out.  He is completing his Ph.D. and teaches at the local community college.
  • Zach's ex-boyfriend will stop at nothing to split them up, including leaving bloody stuffed animals on his ex's doorstep and attempting to get Lane fired from his job.

The winner of the title contest will have the honor of naming the novella ebook and will receive credit on the book's dedication page.  

(Of course, I wrote the book so I still own it!!)

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