Hey friend!


Is it just me or have life become super crazy lately?? I was getting ready to write to you and started pulling up everything I wanted to share... it was overwhelming! So many good things have been happening and I just want to share it all. Can you hang in until the end??

This may look soooooo cute because it is! But man, that drake is something else! I can't go anywhere around the yard without him cutting me off and pecking at my feet. Still not as bad as a rooster though!

Speaking of ducks and chickens... we're going to start putting fresh eggs out for sale at the roadside stand. Working on the logistics of storing them but they should be out this weekend! Flowers, veggies, and eggs... my kind of pit-stop! If you're in the area, be sure to stop by. 10% of all purchases are going to be donated to Operation At Ease so let's make it a good weekend!

Operation At Ease contacted this rider and asked if he'd be willing to drive this older gentleman through the bike route. It was one of those moments you know just made such a difference. This gentleman is a Purple Heart recipient and a veteran of the Korean War. He hadn't been on a motorcycle in 40 years!

Last weekend I had the honor of volunteering at a motorcycle benefit ride for an organization I knew nothing about. A friend asked for help on Facebook and I was there. The military has a special place in my heart. That being said, I was blown away at the community and support surrounding Operation At Ease.


The owner, Joni (who is a ball of energy!), started the organization after helping a friend find a new dog. Not just any friend, and not just any dog. Her friend is a military veteran who suffers from PTSD. The dog was rescued from a shelter when other organizations couldn't help, was trained by Joni and became a certified service dog.


It's more than supporting a veteran, it's more than saving a dog. The love, support, and community it gives me all the feels every time I think about it.

If you're not in the area, you can still support Operation At Ease by making a purchase in our online store. Didn't know we had one? Now you do!


10% of every order will be donated to Operation At Ease. Get this!! You'll also automatically get 20% off of your whole purchase!

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Back in the 'office', things have been pretty busy! I finally finished a project that I hope becomes a helpful resource for anyone who wants to know more about agriculture in New York.

After many hours last week, I added the new page:

New York State Agricultural Resources – County by County

I did the research so you don't have to! Have a look and let me know if I'm missing something in your area!

This week on the blog I looked into how solar energy and agriculture are working together, if at all, and how it can be improved. Solar energy may be just what the industry needs to become sustainable!

Can agriculture go solar and become sustainable?

You stuck around to the end and I'm so grateful! I really need to work on writing to you more often!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to #LoveTheLifeYouLive,


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