Have you ever made a mistake so huge, so upsetting, that you never thought that you would be able to get out of it? There is usually one, sometimes from childhood, sometimes from a moment in the office, when all you want to do is freeze time and run away. Sadly, that’s simply not an option!

Facing up to our own mistakes can feel almost impossible when they feel bigger than you. When a problem rears its ugly head, it always feels monstrously larger than we are. For me, it was a friendship that went sour that I did not work hard enough on to fix. When a year later, after not hearing from this friend at all in that time, I received an invitation to her wedding, I was overjoyed and immediately rang her to thank her for her kindness.

And then problem after problem hit me. My husband lost his job, my hours were reduced, health problems plagued us, and when I realized that the wedding (on the other side of the country) was just too far away for me to attend, I cried, wrote a heartfelt letter to my friend, and tried to forget about it.

Six months later, I found in the post that very letter. It had been returned to me, unopened and unread, with my name and address still written on the back.

I’ll never be able to mend that friendship now, and that loss of an intimate connection is woven into my story Love’s Chance as my hero and heroine strive for second chances, a chance to prove themselves, and complete chances that bring them closer to reconciliation.

It was rather painful to write about, to be honest, and I cried as I explored the separation of Katherine Morrison from her sister, and her descent into poverty in 1840s Texas – not a good time for a woman to be alone. I cried again as I wrote Thomas Bryant’s story: estranged from his family, broken and alone, and about to do something desperate just to catch a glimpse of humanity in another person.

When you know you have made a mistake, it can be easy to feel as though there is no way back. But that simply is not true. Perhaps one day I will find a way to reach out again to my friend. Perhaps you are fighting an internal battle about how to rectify a mistake that you have made. Just because we have not found the answer yet, that does not mean that there isn’t one.

I firmly believe in the power of redemption and forgiveness, having received both several times throughout my life! I wanted to give Katherine and Thomas the chance to start again, the chance to return to their families, and even the chance for love. I hope that you’ll join them on their journey as love’s chances and coincidences bring them back from their mistakes.

This is the second book in my Sweet Grove Beginnings stories, and with another one coming out on November 15th 2017, I hope that you enjoy them all and get the second chance that you are longing for.

~ Emily

This Week's Featured Book!

Do you believe in second chances?

Katherine Morrison’s elopement at 16 ended badly – and there’s only one occupation for a fallen woman in 1841. Too ashamed to return to her family and too destitute to avoid the work that shames her, she puts her faith in the Lord that he will save her from her own mistakes. But when a customer collapses before her work is done, she has a chance of returning back to the life that she wanted.

But that life is gone. Her sister Elizabeth has moved on, and Thomas Bryant has his own agenda. He’s fallen for the delicate yet fierce woman who seems to have a past that even he cannot untangle. When a chance letter reveals the location of Katherine’s sister at Thomas’ family orchard, they cannot help but grasp at the opportunity to find their families again. 

Could the chances that continue to come their way be more than just coincidence? 

And can either of them find any happiness in the lives that they have chosen? 

This is the second in the Sweet Grove Beginnings series that explores just how the town of Sweet Grove was planted. You can read the first book, 'Love's Journey', to discover how Thomas Bryant's older brother is desperately trying to keep Sweet Grove alive.


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