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Do you remember falling in love?

On this Valentine’s Day I am reflecting about falling in love with my husband. Here’s a photo of us when we were dating. This was the last-day-of-school picture at our staff party. My future husband was the editor of our college newspaper, and I was on the staff. Of course, it’s in black and white. The newspaper’s photographer took the photos with his twin-lense reflex camera. Even our wedding pictures from the following year are in black and white because we were working at a newspaper, and a photographer on staff took our wedding photos for free and developed them in the newspaper’s dark room.

Though my husband and I met our first week of college, we didn’t’ start dating until later and then only for nine months before we tied the knot. I’ve only got a few photos of that magical time. No cell phones then, and having to get photos developed and having to have bulbs for indoor flash was a pain.

I  hope each of you has a sweetheart with whom to share this most romantic of days.

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To celebrate the renaming and new covers for my series formerly known as Regent Mysteries, I’m giving away the first book, With His Lady’s Assistance. Critics have said it’s laugh-out-loud funny. And it’s romantic, too. Romantic Times Book Club gave it their high four-star rating and said, "A delightful Regency romance. . .The mystery is nicely done, the romance is enchanting, and the secondary character are enjoyable."

 Members of my reader group (Lady Cheryl’s Ladies of the Ton) nominated new series titles and voted on their favorite. Gerry Bartlett’s title was the overwhelming choice. The former title did not convey either romance or humor, and I think this new one does.

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