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The Torah states, "You shall trust wholeheartedly in the Lord, Your God" (Deuteronomy 18:13).

Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan, known as the Chofetz Chaim, used to say, "The Torah obliges us to trust wholeheartedly in God ... but not in man. A person must always be on the alert not to be cheated."

The Chofetz Chaim devoted his life to spreading the principle of brotherly love, the prohibition against speaking against others, and the commandment to judge people favorably. Though he was not the least bit cynical, he was also not naive. He understood the world and human weaknesses.

In Mesichta Derech Eretz Rabba (chapter 5) it states that we should honor every person we meet as we would (the great sage) Rabbi Gamliel, but we should nevertheless be suspicious that he might be dishonest.

Love Yehuda Lave

A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.

 Francis of Assisi 

  Saint Francis of Assisi  was an Italian Catholic friar, deacon and preacher.

The rain begins with a single drop.

Manal al-Sharif

Manal al-Sharif is a Saudi Arabian women's rights activist who helped start a women's right to drive campaign in 2011. 

  The single most powerful thing I can be is to be myself.

 Dwayne Johnson

  Dwayne Douglas Johnson,  also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American actor, producer, and semi-retired professional wrestler.

A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.


Tecumseh was a Native American Shawnee warrior and chief, who became the primary leader of a large, multi-tribal confederacy in the early 19th century.   


I would rather be a beggar and single than a queen and married.

Elizabeth I


Elizabeth IThe "Darnley Portrait" of Elizabeth I (c. 1575)Queen of England and Ireland (more...)Reign17 November 1558 –
24 March 1603Coronation15 January 1559PredecessorsMary I and PhilipSuccessorJames IBorn7 September 1533
Palace of PlacentiaGreenwichEnglandDied24 March 1603 (aged 69)
Richmond PalaceSurrey, EnglandBurial28 April 1603
Westminster AbbeyHouseTudorFatherHenry VIII of EnglandMotherAnne BoleynReligionAnglicanSignature

Elizabeth I  was Queen of England and Ireland  Sometimes called The Virgin Queen,


A woman should be like a single flower, not a whole bouquet.

 Anna Held

  Helene Anna Held  was a Broadway stage performer and singer, most often associated with impresario Florenz Ziegfeld.

A single lie destroys a whole reputation of integrity.

 Baltasar Gracian

Baltasar Gracián , was a Spanish Jesuit and baroque prose writer and philosopher.  


The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. 

George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist, and political activist 


When I go to a party, nobody says hello. But when I leave, everybody says goodbye. George Gobel

  George Leslie Goebel was an American humorist, actor, and comedian.


Six13 - Mi Shebeirach | מי שברך (a prayer for the IDF soldiers) featuring Chaim Dovid Berson

Published on Apr 18, 2018

Today, on Yom Hazikaron, we honor and remember Israel's fallen soldiers and victims of terror. Israel is a small nation with a huge impact on the world and on our lives. Before we celebrate its independence, we pause for a moment to reflect on those whom we've lost.

"Mi Sheberach" is a prayer for the soldiers of Israel's Defense Forces that is sung to the tune of "El Eretz Tzvi" by Yehoram Gaon.

We at Six13 had the honor and privilege of singing this song with 2 great cantors, Chaim Dovid Berson of the Jewish Center and Dan Singer of Stephen Wise Free Synagogue. We hope it helps bring some extra meaning to an emotionally charged day.

May we realize the prophetic promise and see the day when nation will no longer fight against nation and will prepare for war no more.

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This song and all Six13 songs are completely a cappella -- created with nothing but the human voice.

Anchored by a strong Jewish identity and driven by a mission to connect Jews around the globe with their heritage through music, professional Jewish a cappella group Six13 are the originators of today's Jewish a cappella sound. They've performed to rave reviews for millions of people -- at synagogues, religious schools, major sports events, JCCs, fundraising events, B'nai Mitzvah and private affairs alike, received numerous awards for their five best-selling CDs, and been selected as finalists for casting in NBC's "The Sing-Off". To find out more about how to bring Six13 to your community for an event that's truly unforgettable, visit

Michael Boxer
(866) 266-5613



Lyrics by Talma Alyagon Raz
Music by Dubi Zeltzer
Originally performed by Yehoram Gaon
Lead vocals performed by Chaim Dovid Berson
Voiceover performed by Dan Singer
Arranged by Mordy Weinstein and Craig Resmovits
Recorded by Mordy Weinstein, Jacob Spadaro, Craig Resmovits, and Mike Boxer
Edited by Jeff Eames for Eames Audio
Mixed and mastered by Ed Boyer
Produced by Mordy Weinstein for Six13
Video filmed by Shuie Septimus for Septimus Visuals
Filmed at The Jewish Center
Edited by Dov Adler

Special thanks to: our own loving families, all the incredible audio and video production staff mentioned above, and the fantastic staff at the Jewish Center.

Six13 is:
Mike Boxer | Eric Dinowitz | Phil Kaplan
Spike Kraus | Robert Operman | Craig Resmovits
Josh Sauer | Jacob Spadaro | Mordy Weinstein



מי שברך אבותינו אברהם יצחק ויעקב הוא יברך את חיילי צבא הגנה לישראל העומדים על משמר ארצינו וערי אלוקינו מגבול הלבנון ועד מדבר מצרים ומן הים הגדול על לבוא הערבה ביבשה באויר ובים. ונאמר אמן.

Mi sheberach avoteinu, Avraham, Yitzchak, ve'Yaakov hu yevarech et chayalei tzva haganah l'yisrael ha'omdim al mishmar artzeinu v'arei elokeinu migvul halevanon ve'ad midbar mitzrayim umin hayam hagadol at levo ha'aravah bayabasha ba'avir uvayam. Venomar Amen.

May He who blessed our ancestors Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob bless the members of Israel's defense forces who stand guard over our land and the cities of our G-d from the Lebanese border to the Egyptian desert and from the Mediterranean Sea to the approach of the Aravah, on land, in air, and at sea. And let us say: Amen.
(Translation follows the Koren Siddur English translation).

Seven days shall you celebrate before Hashem, your God ... and you shall only be joyous (Deuteronomy 16:15).


Many people think of Judaism as being extremely solemn, perhaps not realizing that the essence of Judaism is simchah, joy, and that whatever solemnity there is, is in reality a preparation for joy.

Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch points to a simple fact. The Torah designates one day each for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur (the second day of Rosh Hashanah is of Rabbinical origin), whereas Succos, the festival of rejoicing, is of seven days' duration.

The Gaon of Vilna was asked which of the six hundred thirteen mitzvos he considered the most difficult to observe. He answered that it was Succos, because for seven consecutive days a person must be in constant joy. Regardless of what might occur during these days that might make it difficult for a person to feel happy, the mitzvah to rejoice requires him to overcome all obstacles to joy.

The Torah's position is that joy is not simply a spontaneous feeling that accompanies pleasant experiences. Joy requires work: meditation on why a person who is privileged to serve God should rejoice. Joy can be achieved even under adverse circumstances. This is something which is expected not only of great tzaddikim, but also of every Jew.

On Succos we must make the necessary effort to be in constant joy throughout the entire festival, and we should learn therefrom how to generate joy all year round.

Today I shall ...
try to find ways to bring more joy into my life, and strive to achieve joy even when circumstances are not conducive thereto.

Citizen comments at 04 03 2018 Greensboro City Council Meeting

A Citizen speaks about the reality of the fact that only citizens follow gun laws, the criminals will not.

The Opening of the Academy Awards: 1960 Oscars

Host Bob Hope opens the 32nd Academy Awards in 1960, featuring an introduction by Academy President B.B. Kahane. Mitzi Gaynor presents the Oscar® for Documentary Feature to Bernhard Grzimek for "Serengeti Shall Not Die," and the Oscar® for Documentary Short Subject to Bert Haanstra for "Glass" (accepted by Ann Blyth)

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