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September 2019
ICT4Water Quarterly Newsletter

The ICT4Water team is busy with the preparations for the Amsterdam International Water Week, 3-7 November. Cluster representatives will speak at the Aquatech Innovation Forum and at the Aquatech exhibition a select group of member projects will share their work with over 25.000 water professionals.

Also the implementation of the Action Plan is in progress. The various Action Groups work on the different themes, more on this in the next newsletter.

In this newsletter you also find updates from our member projects AfriAlliance, GroundTruth 2.0, POWER and NextGen.

We are looking forward meeting you at the AIWW or at one of the many other water-related events or workshops.

The ICT4Water team


Julien Guerrier, Director of EASME, keynote speaker at the Aquatech Innovation Forum on November 4

The Aquatech Innovation Forum will bring together thought-leaders from the global water market to discuss how technological innovation is helping to overcome today’s challenges and provide resilience leading into the future. At the Aquatech Innovation Forum, Julien Guerrier, Director of EU Commission Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME), will be one of the keynote speakers. His speech at 15:45 will address the future agenda of digitalization in the global water market. Next to Mr. Guerrier, other members of the cluster will be participating, either as speaker or moderator, and contribute to the discussion on the future of smart water systems.


ICT4Water booth at Amsterdam International Water Week, November 4-8

At the Aquatech Trade Show, a select group of ICT4Water member projects will jointly present their activities and results. The ICT4Water cluster has arranged for a booth where member projects will demonstrate their results and ideas and engage with water professionals from all over the world, representing the different industries in the water value chain. Visit the ICT4Water stand 210 in Hall 10. The trade show starts on November 5 and runs until Friday November 8. Registration is free.

Ground Truth 2.0

Ground Truth 2.0 Week 30 September – 4 October 2019

Happening shortly, so register fast now to secure your place!

The Ground Truth 2.0 team invites you to participate in a week of dynamic and interactive events. Join us in our (virtual) tour across two continents and six citizen observatories (30 Sep-2 Oct) before we settle for two days of workshops in Delft (3-4 Oct)!

During the Ground Truth 2.0 week, you can learn about the thematic focus, purpose and achievements of the citizen observatories. Find out about the Ground Truth 2.0 co-design methodology that was developed and applied to set up these observatories, discover what stakeholder engagement strategies have worked where and why and try out the platforms, apps and data quality tools that are supporting these observatories.

The full programme of the Ground Truth 2.0 Week is available here.

Register here to secure your place


Join POWER Conference - Addressing Water Challenges by Citizen Engagement

09 - 10 October 2019 • Brussels • Belgium

No matter where you live in the world, as populations grow and natural environments become degraded, ensuring that everyone has access to sustainable water resources and sanitation services is an increasing concern.

The 2019 POWER Conference will provide delegates with empowering adaptation strategies for "Addressing Water Challenges by Citizen Engagement". Taking place on the 9 and 10 October 2019 in Brussels, Belgium, this conference is a “must” for everyone wanting to get involved in protecting their water resources.

"Addressing Water Challenges by Citizen Engagement" is the topic of the POWER Conference, which will be dealt with on the basis of the POWER Digital Social Platform (DSP) via conference contributions, but also within the framework of an Industry Panel and a POWER Follower Cities Event.

Conference discussion will explore what the changing landscape means for cities, and how we can prepare, adapt and share best practices. Using ICT facilitated tools like the POWER Digital Social Platform (DSP), delegates will be shown how innovative open source solutions can help to drive sustainable behavior and support the efforts of cities in becoming water-wise in the face of increasing water-related challenges.

Participation in the POWER Conference is FREE. Please register to attend HERE.

More information can be found on the POWER Conference website.


Upcoming AfriAlliance events in September & October 2019 – feature your project results!

The AfriAlliance team invites you to participate in our Innovation Bridge Events and Roadshow Events to feature outputs and information from your projects in the program, reaching a broad range of participants. The events will include short session to pitch your innovations, followed by the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate your innovations and technology solutions in a one-to-one setting, aiming to serve as a matching platform with potential collaborators, funders and investors to facilitate commercialisation, awareness and better uptake of their innovations. Innovation Bridge Events and Roadshow Events are organized to bring together the supply and the demand side of water innovation for productive exchanges of knowledge and technology. The Roadshow Events are smaller in size and allow more localised networking opportunities in various African countries. Additionally, these events will include seminars and training events on various AfriAlliance outputs for students, researchers and innovators in Universities, Research Institutions and the private sector in Africa.

AfriAlliance Innovation Bridge Event at the 11th INBO World General Assembly

• When & Where: 30 September 2019 (13”30 – 16:30) Marrakesh (Morocco)

• Topic: Climate proof IWRM

More information

Roadshow Event at the International Symposium on Science and Technology (event held in French)

• When & Where: 15 October 2019 (09:00 - 15:00), Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

• Topic: Climate change and valorisation of endogenous innovations in the control of water / Changement climatique et valorisation des innovations endogènes en maîtrise de l’eau.

More information

Roadshow Event at the 20th WaterNet/WARFSA/GWP-SA Symposium

• When & Where: 30 October 2019 (11:00 - 13:00), Johannesburg (SA)

• Topic: Social Innovation and Integrated Water Resource Management in the face of climate change

More information

If you are interested in contributing to any of AfriAlliance’s Events by featuring your water and climate solutions, please contact us at


HConnecting climate change, sustainability & water use: Interview with Ian barker

NextGen spoke to a number of thought leaders and innovators at Water Innovation Europe 2019 about the circular economy and intricacies of the water-energy nexus.

One of the keynote speakers was Ian Barker, Managing Director Water Policy International Ltd; Visiting Professor Exeter University; Vice-President Environment at Institute of Water; and Expert Advisor to OECD. We caught him for a quick interview. Here’s what he had to say…

NextGen: When we talk about water and energy what do you think are the big challenges for the sector?

Professor Ian Barker: I think water and energy face a huge number of challenges, but probably the biggest one facing them both is climate change. Climate change means that we need to move towards clean energy sources and many of those will rely upon a secure supply of water. Climate change will affect the availability of water resources and water supplies, and it will also mean that both are less resilient to shocks.

With environmental sustainability so absolutely fundamental to our future, we need to prioritise managing resources in a sustainable way. We need to think about their impact on the ecosystems that we rely upon, to keep us healthy and supplied with food and clean air; and also in terms of their intrinsic worth in terms of species variability.

For example, people imagine that hydropower is a relatively clean, green source of energy — and it is in many ways — but it can have huge environmental impacts. Freshwater species have declined by 83% since 1970, and much of that is due to the way in which we pump water out of rivers, or use hydropower plants. Meeting the sustainability and climate change challenges will make us view things in a different way and operate in a different way.

Read the full interview at NextGen's website.

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