Why hasn't somebody made a movie about him yet?

Spain Rodriguez was born 1940 in New York with the name Manuel Rodriquez. He adopted the nickname Spain after his heritage. A prolific artist who had strong Marxist leanings he illustrated for the Village Voice and later moved to San Francisco in 1970 where he fell in quickly with the counterculture there. He became fast friends with Robert Crumb, Bill Griffith, Gilbert Shelton, Dennis Kitchen and others.

What really stood out with him for me was his whacky and extreme bad-ass character (who fought for the people) named Trashman!

Trashman's origin story is profiled in Wikipedia:

"Mild-mannered auto mechanic Harry Barnes turned to a life of petty crime after finding his wife murdered in their home by Gestapo-like soldiers.

As Barnes flees capture by the police, a mysterious stranger in a hooded robe calling himself 'Citizen X' appears and leads him down a hidden passageway to a secret underground installation.

There, Barnes is told he was chosen by the mysterious and elusive 'Sixth International', an underground anarcho-Marxist organization, to be trained as a master of the 'para-sciences' and to use these powers to fight the oppression of the fascist governments of the world."

Mayfield Eight's DNA...

My biker-related comic has strong ties with Spain's Trashman. Spain Rodriquez himself was once a member of The Road Vultures MC out of Buffalo, NY. Trashman riding his motorcycle to exact his 'Power to the People' against the dystopian Government forces around him.

With a caveat, like a lot of hippie-era 1970s Underground Comix artists there was a lot of male chest-thumping and posturing. Worth a read, though.

(Spain passed away in 2012 from cancer. RIP)

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