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Happy November!

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Today I'll introduce you to two very talented authors, both are running promotions right now, bestselling author R.J.Blain and Heidi Catherine, winner of the Romance Writers of Australia's Emerald Pro Award. But before I get to them are you ready for training tip nº2 on how to get fit?
“Fitness tips?” I hear you ask, “what has that got to do with writing?”  
Nothing, but in another life I was an international runner and I have years of coaching experience. Don't worry I'm not looking to try and get you qualified for the Olympics, rather just to enjoy exercise and the physical and mental benefits it can give you. As I've said I used to be an international runner, but due to various factors I had to give up competitive sport in my twenties. However I've recently been informed that the World Athletic Veteran Championships 2018 are to be held very close to where I live and I want to qualify. This could be a bit of an ego trip, but really what it is is just having little dreams in your life that inspire you to keep learning and achieving regardless of age. It's never to late to learn something new. I'll be giving fitness tips, but the basic idea can be applied to any new hobby you want to initiate, whether it be learning to play the piano, or perhaps writing that book.

So here we go (in case you've missed it and fancy just reading fitness tip nº1 check out my blog for: fitness tips nº1 and the importance of little big dreams )

*For the next three weeks or so try and find time to do about 25 minutes of exercise 2 or 3 times a week. I'm only asking for 25 minutes, sounds easy doesn't it?!

Week 1: Just go out and walk. Enjoy it. It's your time. You're not mum or dad in this 25 minute walk. You're not the employee of some multi-international company. For these 25 minutes you escape all of that and become YOU again. If you fancy, listen to some music, just try to use this time as a moment to disconnect from the daily / weekly mayhem. Unwind with each step you take. There should be no stress in your gait. Just positive, assured steps.

Did you know that regular exercise:

  • Modifies you're nervous system so that you experience a decrease in anger and hostility (burn calories and build muscle whilst boosting your mood).
  • Going for a walk can spark creativity.
  • Regular walking can help improve you're body's response to insulin, which can help reduce belly fat. It reduces your blood sugar level and lowers the risk of chronic disease.
  • You'll keep your legs looking great.
  • Greatly improves gastric mobility.
  • Your other goals will start to seem more reachable.

Have I convinced you yet? And you get all the above for FREE – Bargain!

Week 2: Include a bit of jogging in your walk. Walk for 4 minutes and jog for 1 minute. Repeat 4 times. Finish with a 5 minute stretch.

Week 3: Include a bit more jogging (more!! I hear you say. If you do it right, believe me you'll be wanting more). Do 3 minutes walk, 1 minute jog / 2 minutes walk, 1 minute jog / 1 minute walk, 1 minute jog x 2. Finish with a 5 minute stretch

  • If you don't feel comfortable jogging, keep to walking, perhaps do 4 minutes normal pace and for 1 minute try and walk a little faster, so that there is a change of pace in the actual walk.
  • If you're already quite fit and the above is a bit easy for you, turn the walk time into run time and the run time into walk time. This will make it more intense for those who already do regular exercise.

*Very Important: Always remember to go for a medical check-up before starting any exercise regime and if during exercise you feel pain of any kind stop immediately.

I've included three simple stretches that you can do when you get home after your walk / run. But there are loads of great stretching videos on the internet that you can look up which are easy to follow, like: Easy Stretches For Beginners

Remember to look out for my next newsletter for some more fun, easy, fitness tips.

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And let's meet two very talented authors:

  • RJ Blain suffers from a Moleskine journal obsession, a pen fixation, and a terrible tendency to pun without warning.

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  • Heidi Catherine winner of the Romance Writers of Australia's Emerald Pro Award. For an amazing freebie from Heidi just click here: The Moonchild

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Happy Reading!

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