I missed my steamy readers!

My last newsletter was almost sixty days ago. Where has the time went? How has Covid-19 impacted you? Unfortunately, my mom passed away. 😢 She went into the hospital with pneumonia and a bowel obstruction. They decided to test her for Covid-19, ten days later we got the negative results due to testing mishaps. She passed away twenty-hours later trying to make cancer her bitch until the final end. 


Book Updates

I'm approaching 50,000 words on Forever.  I feel more directed than ever on Forever. My instagram page is filled will 30 days have forever love quotes that are inspiring me to write Forever. Follow me on Instagram @authorsydryan. 

What's my next project? I  want to finish adding extras to my Risking Everything anthology story to release Rescuing Ryan with added content.  

After, Rescuing Ryan I will start on Reckless my Driven World novel that is plotted out.  I can't wait to write this sexy neurosurgeon/art therapy student novel. 😍

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