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Use Cold Calling for Lead Generation

Write a script:
While you and your employees should treat every consumer like an individual, you need a general framework to use during the calls. With such a high volumes of calls to make, you must ensure that the right statements are being made to convince prospects that they should buy your products or subscribe to your services. Tip Contributed by: Ceri Ruenheck - Use Cold Calling for Lead Generation

Being Present to Make More Sales

Be Present - Make More Sales:
Being smart is insufficient to earn people’s trust.  Controlling conversations is decidedly a turnoff.  Lacking sensitivity to people’s needs repels potential prospects.  Tip Contributed by: Nancy Zare - Being Present to Make More Sales

7 Common Rapport Building Mistakes

Rapport Building Note!
Rapport is important in every stage of the sales process, not just the beginning. Keep using your rapport to deepen your relationships with people in general not just prospects and the rewards are endless. Keep working on perfecting the art of rapport building and keep selling! Tip contributed by: Tom Libby - 7 Common Rapport Building Mistakes

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