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Four Lakes Task Force News Flash

Information and progress for bringing back our lakes.

October 28, 2020

October 23, 2020

FLTF Receives $15 Million for Disaster Relief

The State of Michigan awarded FLTF a $15 million grant to be used for "restoration of the four lakes, including an engineering feasibility study or engineering design, any flood or environment studies required, dam construction, site readiness, and construction to restore lake levels."

We are thrilled that the State of Michigan continually supports and demonstrates confidence in our efforts to bring back the four lakes. This is in addition to the $2.5 million granted in September to support recovery, erosion control and dam stabilization, and $5 million provided in 2019 to support acquisition and repairs. 

The $15 million grant significantly reduces interim financing needs and makes it possible to do critical work now to come to a final construction plan, giving us next year to seek the best long-term financing options.

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Winter Lakebottom Guidance

Please exercise great caution when using the lakebottoms because they have changed significantly. There is no guarantee that walking, hunting, etc. on the lakebottoms will be safe.

Snowmobiling: Officials recommend residents do not use the lakebottoms for snowmobiling. With many stumps, trees, water and uneven terrain, the lakebottoms will present hidden dangers this winter. First responders will conduct practice simulations November 3-4 to simulate rescuing stranded and injured persons from the bottomlands. 

Hunting: For everyone's safety, deer hunting is not permitted on the lakebottoms. Bird hunting should be limited to locations you've hunted before. Hunting on private property is not allowed and hunting is forbidden within 450 feet of an occupied building unless by written permission from the owner.

Four Lakes Task Force assumes no liability or responsibility for any harm or damage that occurs on the lakebottoms due to hunting. Individuals hunt at their own risk. Those who choose to hunt should not use a rifle and instead use a shotgun with no longer than a 2" shell. Any damage to property caused by personal firearms is the hunter's responsibility.

Timeline of Upcoming Events

Early November 2020 | FLTF detailed update shared via email, website and Facebook

December 17, 2020 | Fourth quarterly board meeting on behalf of the Four Lakes Special Assessment District

January-February 2021 | Public survey to all property owners to understand acceptability of the assessments, market values and demographics 

February-March 2021 | Public meetings to obtain property owner input regarding Special Assessment amounts

March 2021 | Feasibility study concludes. Refined cost and schedule shared

April-May 2021 | County meetings to approve plan and financing

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