If time travel were true...

Lately we have been all about the McDougalls, of course, but I still have my love of time travel romance! Perhaps it is because there are so many obstacles to overcome for love to prevail, but something about the genre has always drawn me.

Of course time travel is always completely fictional, however, when I was researching the first book in my series, it was interesting to learn about the various theories out there.

In following Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity, traveling forward in time is likely not an impossibility. In fact, when in space and moving much faster than on earth, time passes slightly more slowly. Astronauts who have spent significant time in space age at a slightly slower rate than people on earth. There are various theories on how one could travel back in time. These include wormholes (such as in Love for All Times), and black matter. So far, however, any theories have been disproven by other scientific theories. So for now, impossible, but in the future … who knows?

In my Love for All Times series, we go back to the 16th century Scottish Highlands, but I want to know -- if you could travel to any time previous to this one, when (and where) would you go? And why?!

I would love to hear in an email, or join the discussion on my Facebook page!

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