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March 31, 2021 - Issue #107

Project News

Teaching in COVID-19 Times: Challenges, innovations, solutions, and opportunities
This article from the evaluation team examines the challenges, innovations, solutions, and opportunities in education that have grown out of the sudden disruption and constraints due to COVID-19. It first sets the background in a global context, then it reports on the impact, challenges, and needs in LINC programs in Canada. ...

Avenue Development - Progress Page
This page gives Avenue teachers and stakeholders a snapshot of development progress and the priorities our developers are working on.

New Part 1 Learning Technology Leadership Group Begins Saturday, April 17th!
Sign up here for the next session of the Learning Technology Innovation Leadership (LTIL) course. This six-week course is online and mentored. More information about the LTIL training is available on this web page.

Web News

Google Translate Launches Real-Time Language Transcription Functionality
Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on his Twitter handle that the Google Translate app on Android is rolling out new feature called Transcribe that can live translate speech into another language in real time. ... The new function gives users the availability to listen to speech in one language and then transcribe the text in another, essentially a talk to text translator. ...

SMU president believes virtual learning could be a long lasting legacy of COVID-19
Around a year ago, the world started changing in ways many of us couldn't have imagined possible at the time. As the pandemic ramped up, governments, businesses and schools turned to the internet to implement increased online shopping, working and learning. And according to the president of Saint Mary's University, the digital component of education will be long lasting legacy of COVID-19. ...

Breaking the language barrier
... In January, Li-Shih Huang, associate professor of applied linguistics at the University of Victoria, launched the Syrians Learning English for Employment in Canada (SLEEC) program—a community-grounded, culturally sensitive and evidence-based approach to language instruction that will be published free online later this year. ... SLEEC draws upon research in applied linguistics, second-language education, psychology and neuroscience to address the unique language-learning needs of Syrian adult refugees in Canada. ...

She survived the Syrian war, came to Canada, then taught herself English at Tim Hortons
For Reham Abazid, home is the place where you are safe and loved. For most of her life, that meant Daraa, a small city in southwestern Syria, ... Now, it means Saint John, N.B., ... "Home means safe, means love, but I can't find right now anything in Syria like I find it here in Canada," Abazid told As It Happens host Carol Off. ...

How students are fighting Zoom fatigue
... Now many of us are working all day in little “Zoom boxes” where the line between work and rest gets blurrier everyday, along with our eyesight. Experts say many who work remotely are experiencing the same side effect of quarantine: exhaustion borne from endless video meetings, known as Zoom fatigue. ... Luckily, scientists are actively studying the phenomenon....

Could VR Be the Missing Piece in Meaningful Language Instruction?
...  [Euan] Bonner ... focuses on California-based Immerse, a unique VR platform intent on bringing connection, interaction and tangible fluency development to online English Language Learning. Here, Bonner shares his thoughts on how VR makes it possible for students to have meaningful language learning opportunities, even during a global pandemic. ...

10 ways office work will never be the same
Someday, perhaps someday soon, when vaccination rates are high enough and the coronavirus relents, the world will return to normal. But in its wake, something as massive and meaningful as a global pandemic will leave many things different, including how we work. ... Here are 10 ways in which office work will never be the same. ...


5 Show-And-Tell Adult Learning Activities To Incorporate In Online Training Courses
For kids, show-and-tell is a way to express their passions and treasured possessions. Can this be applied to adult learning in a virtual setup? In this article, I share 5 ways to break the ice, boost engagement, and improve retention with show-and-tell activities. ...

Five Tips to Creating a More Engaging Online Course for Adult Learners
... When teaching courses online, consider applying evidence-based strategies to improve engagement, satisfaction, and comprehension for your students of all ages. The following five tips have been developed from research geared toward pivoting live classes into effective online or blended learning courses. ...

9 Tips To Engage Learners Through Web Conferences
 ... Research shows that learners who interact with training are more cognitively engaged. Active learning increases training effectiveness by boosting understanding, long-term retention, and skill transfer. In short, training is more effective when learning requires effort. ... here are 9 tips for adding interactivity to your web conference: ...

3 Ways to Set Students Up for Success in the Digital Age
The past year proved that digital transformation is no longer just important — it’s absolutely essential. During the pandemic, educators and students have increasingly embraced and relied on digital tools, from mobile devices to online learning platforms, to continue learning outside of traditional classroom settings. It’s not just learning enablement that makes digital transformation so critical ... Today, technical skills are at the core of the most in-demand jobs, ...

5 Things To Consider: Which Accent For eLearning Voice Over?
We're way past having standard "Queen's English" for all voice overs. Thank heavens! Choosing the right voice and the right accent for your eLearning voice over is really important. Here are 5 things to think about when considering which accent to choose for an English eLearning voice over. ...

9 Signs of a Good Educational Website
Whether you’re looking for a quality website for education and information, or trying to improve your own, it helps to know where the bar is set. ... it can be tricky to determine what makes a good educational website stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to identify a high-quality educational site and develop one yourself. Read on to learn what to look for. ...

Professional Development

LearnIT2teach Annotated Bibliography New Resource: The What, Why, Who and How of Blended Learning for Adult Basic Skills Learners
 highly practical guide to the implementation of a blended learning approach in adult education including ESL and ESOL.   The guide is addressed to instructors and program coordinators and Includes a very accessible discussion of the blended learning approach, the features and benefits of the approach and steps to successful implementation.

20 Ways To Improve A Test, Quiz, Or Other Assessment
There is often talk about assessment–its forms, frequency, and the integration of gleaned data to revise planned instruction. Formative versus assessment, rigor, and the evasive nature of understanding are also areas for exploration. But rarely is there discussion about the kinds of things teachers can do–literal actions and concrete strategies–to help streamline the assessment process, and hopefully produce purer results you can trust. ...

Tech Tips Webinar: Flipped Instruction in the Virtual English Language Classroom
During this webinar, the presenter explains the concept of flipped learning and examines how to apply it during courses that include live virtual sessions. The presenter also shows how flipping has become an effective practice for differentiating learning during online instruction. This session was jointly hosted by TESOL International Association’s CALL-IS and the U.S. Department of State's American English Live webinar team.


Online English Teacher
Magic Ears is an innovative online English learning platform for students ages 4-12. With a relentless focus on the long-term, our mission is to bring a global classroom experience to every child and to provide the best online career opportunity for teachers.

Volunteer Online ESL Teacher
Nevy’s Language is a growing non-profit social enterprise aimed at improving the English language of immigrants to Canada and the US. Our mission is to provide immigrants across North America with affordable, high quality learning to help them improve their integration outcomes!....

e-Resource Corner

Finding a Job is a Job
Looking for work as a newcomer to Canada can be challenging. Learn about the difference between regulated and unregulated jobs, and the documents you will need to begin your job search. Get information about how to prepare your resume, cover letter, and references for job applications and interviews. We’ll also explain how you can meet people who can help you get experience and find jobs, and where you can get free employment services. ... This video is part of the Welcome to Canada video series. ...

How To Take Cornell Notes Properly (Video)
Cornell Notes are proven to help students study and increase their performance and retention. This video shows how to use this method in the classroom, while reading, or even watching videos.

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