Finishing Her Billionaire Beast

The kids were coming home for the President's Day holiday. I wanted to be available for whatever we had planned that day, so I aimed to finish Her Billionaire Beast, the next book in my series, on Saturday. To do so, I sprinted over 12,000 words in one day.

Whew. It was so worth it. After a leisurely breakfast on Monday, my husband and kids rode our horses while I took photos, including the one below of our neighbor's young horse. He was so excited by all our commotion, he galloped back and forth in his pen with his tail high, spraying snow all over him.

At the end of the day, we went to a hot springs and took the kids to dinner. It was a great day.

Writing & Publishing Tips

I have a new Author Q & A on my blog. This week, I interviewed Katie Evergreen, author of the My A-Z Billionaire series. Find out how she got inspired to start her series and how writing in horror helped her as a storyteller. Read the Q & A here.

Someone asked me how I wrote 12,000 words in one day. Here was my advice.

My Clean Read Recommendations

Jaded corporate lawyer Mitchell Blake knows one thing for certain: everyone has a hidden agenda. From ruthless clients to manipulative women, the only relief Mitch finds is time spent with his ailing grandfather and restoring the family mansion in the small town of McCormick’s Creek, Oregon.

Ree Swanson had it all planned—finish her degree and travel the world working for different hotels. She wants nothing more than to escape her small hometown, but she’s stuck in McCormick’s Creek helping in the flower shop while her mother is laid up.

When Ree lands an extra job at the almost-finished McCormick Inn, having a charming and oh-so-handsome boss is an added bonus—until she discovers that Mitch is the same type of nasty lawyer that ruined her family. And Mitch wonders if Ree is too good to be true.

Can they overcome their suspicions to build a foundation of love?

Brooke McClellan is the owner of the shop Best Dressed, and knows how to do three things very well: design amazing dresses, travel, and stay far away from serious relationships. She definitely doesn't date anyone from Nestled Hollow, and especially not her best friend, Cole.

Whenever Cole Iverson isn't running his restaurant, Back Porch Grill, he's taking care of his nine-year-old daughter or tamping down the feelings he has for his best friend, Brooke. It's been three years since his wife died and he's ready to get remarried, but he knows it could never happen with Brooke.

When Brooke offers to help Cole plan the birthday party of his daughter's dreams, Brooke starts to realize that she has feelings for him. But are they opposites in too many ways for this to work? Are they willing to risk their friendship to pursue something more?

Tripp Hawkins returns to Hawk Ridge Hollow after several years to find much is the same in his hometown: the quaint village, good friends, and the world-class ski resort owned by his family. Almost everything is the same except the girl he'd once called his sweetheart.

Sadie plans to spend Valentine's Day alone. She has enough responsibility as it is. A romcom plus some chocolate sounds like the perfect date.

Tripp wants nothing more than a second chance with the girl who stole his heart and he'll do anything to win her back.

But it might be too late. Has she moved on? Or did she never let go?

On her first day as PR Director of the Edison City Opera, Alice Wright refutes the allegations of a lovesick violinist and demands a retraction from the city’s gossip rag. Oh, and becomes engaged to the impetuous maestro.

Lorenzo Moretti could get any woman he wants with a wave of his baton. But his only passion is the exquisite music he conducts. A fiancée in name only will keep other women from ruining his concentration.

Soon, a more serious problem arises. Financial woes reach a crescendo that threatens to end the opera company before the curtain rises. With both their careers on the line, Alice and Lorenzo must work together to save the company.

Will their duet continue when the curtain comes down?

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