People who have read my comic have suggested making it into a movie.

That would be cool and unbelievably epic of course.

It gets my mind's gears turning, acting like the Casting Director looking to see who would be the perfect fit for my motley assembly of Mayfield Eight Characters...

Hmm... let's see:

Cal Ryder.

The hero of the story, my 17 year old fry cook honda-riding main character of course would go to Chandler Riggs (Carl of The Walking Dead).

Lenny Starkweather.

Lenny is a few years older than Calvin. We all knew a guy like him in school. He can get you anything you want... ...for a price.

Lenny is a Con Man looking out for himself. I envision the actor portraying him as a smarmy know-it-all Charlie Hunnam.

Tina the waitress.

Tina's no-nonsense, suspicious of Lenny, a real task master always nagging Cal in the kitchen. A pushy feisty little girl. I envision her portrayed by Emma Stone.

Nelson Griffin.

Griffin's a man of few words. He's the main Drug Supplier for the region. Lenny does courier work for him off and on, smuggling cocaine or weed up from Mexico. Again dipping from The Walking Dead well, I pick Norman Reedus to portray Griffin.


"Ooh, isn't that just special," he says to Mike Ehrmantraut on Better Call Saul. Right then I knew that Steven Ogg could carry the weight and fire-like temper of a very rough customer, Solomon 'Slade' Winston, leader of The Banshees biker gang, and chief nemesis to Calvin.

Officer Gene Sturgeon.

A character you will get to know in Part Three. I was watching Ozark a few months back and came across Jason Butler Harner. Just the right amount of sadism and selfish attitude. I think he would nail it.

Maxine French.

Boy, I don't know. I'm running out of ideas. Maybe the Comedienne Tammy Pescatelli?

Next tuesday: I'm going to cast YOU in the comic book!

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