ISDDE Newsletter May 2017

Two important announcements

  • From the Editor
  • From the Chair
  • ISDDE 2017 Conference
  • 2017 Eddy award
  • Your Executive

From the Editor

Dear colleagues

Some important notices in this edition, particularly the 2017 Conference and Eddies

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Will Morony, Editor

From the Chair

We're nearly at the end of the academic year here in the UK, with the associated tasks of evaluating what we've done and planning ahead for what's to come. In ISDDE terms we've reflected on last year's conference and are anticipating the next, in California, in November. As I write the conference team are putting the final touches to the site and by the time this goes out to you, Will hopefully will be able to link through directly to it here....  Please do encourage your colleagues to join our community - if not by attending (which would be nice) then perhaps by joining as a fellow or, if you are working with beginning designers, as a member. Our community is not large and therefore a friendly welcome is assured to all.

Can I also encourage you to consider whether any of your heroes would be eligible for the ISDDE Lifetime Award?  If you're new to ISDDE you may not know that the prizes alternate between the lifetime award for an individual who has produced a substantial body of work, and recognising an individual project or product. If you're not sure of the nomination process, do have a look on the website or contact either me or Geoff Wake ( who chairs the Prize Committee. The closing date for initial nominations is July 31st.

In 2009 the prize was awarded to three outstanding designers, Malcolm Swan being one of them. Malcolm died peacefully a couple of weeks ago, the result of an inoperable brain tumour. To ISDDE Malcolm was a founder member and a staunch champion of the design community. Others write more eloquently elsewhere of the impact his work has had and will continue to have, on mathematics education across the world. But to the ISDDE community we have lost more than an academic star. Ask anyone who knew him  - the first remark is always that Malcolm was a truly lovely person. I know many of us are proud to have been able to call him a friend and will miss him terribly. Conference won't be the same without him.

Lynne McClure, Chair of ISDDE 2017-8

ISDDE 2017 Conference: Broader participation in design


The conference will take place on the beautiful University of California, Berkeley campus, at both the Faculty Club and The Lawrence Hall of Science


Commencing with a Reception 5.00 to 8.00 pm on Monday 6 November and concluding at 2.30 pm on Thursday 9 November.

The theme

The conference theme, Broader Participation in Design, highlights the twin goals of creating educational designs that allow for broad participation, and also broadening participation within the community of educational designers.

What to expect

Plenary talks from:

Uri Wilenski (2016 Eddy recipient) on his work with NetLogo.

Guadalupe Valdés an eminent scholar in the field of Spanish-English bilingualism.

Jerome Shaw, whose research examines science teaching and learning for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Eli Luberoff, the founder and CEO of Desmos, a company whose goal is to "help every student learn math and love learning math".

Plus regular features including:

  • paper and poster presentations
  • small group work sessions on pressing problems of practice; and
  • many meals and informal conversations over the three days

Registration is now open

Conference website

This is your annual opportunity to connect with the international education design community – not to be missed!

2017 Eddy

What is it?

The Eddy is the ISDDE Prize of $5,000. In 2017 it is offered for a substantial body of work, by an individual or a team, over a period of years that shows excellence in design for education in science or mathematics.

The overriding criterion will be recognition of excellence by a wide range of designers and users.

The judgment will be informed by evidence, formal or informal, of:

  • aspects of design that have moved the field of educational design forward
  • aspects of design that have moved the field of mathematics and/or science education forward
  • achievement of specific goals for improved outcomes
  • use of research and the value of resulting insights
  • systematic development through trials with well-identified target groups of users
  • valuable unanticipated outcomes related to transformative effects in use
  • surprise and delight – as in all good art


Initial Nominations – due  31 July 2017

Invitations for nominators to submit a Final Nomination

Final Nominations – due  15 September 2017

Announcement of the award – 8 November 2017 at the ISDDE Conference at the University of California Berkeley. California, USA,

Enquiries should be sent to the Geoff Wake, panel chair:  

Nominations should be sent to Geoff Wake: 

For more details

Got to the ISDDE website for more details.



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The ISDDE Committee does its work through several sub-committees. Please use the email links to the Chairs and those coordinating the sub-committees included if you have any matters you would like to raise for consideration at any time.

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Secretary: Daniel Pead.

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Communications: Will Morony, Angela Hall, Alan Schoenfeld, David Kumar.

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Editor Will Morony

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