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November 2018
Giving online

You don't have to write a check each week, if you want you can give online.  Follow the link below and you can give your weekly donation, or give donations for the Food Bank, Craft Fairs, or others.

Don't worry though, you can still give money or checks on Sunday if you want to - this is just one more option for you

Tithe Online using
Amazon Smile

With Amazon Smile you buy the same item on Amazon, for the same price.  The only difference is a small percentage goes to a charity of your choice.  You can select Gift of Grace as that charity.

Set up Amazon Smile here
Church Services

Every Sunday at 10:00 AM

Fellowship services follow in the Lutheran Center

Visiting Clergy for November
  • 4th - Pastor John Handrich
  • 11th - Lay Service - Sharilyn Martin
  • 18th - Father Julius Rogina
  • 25th - Lay Service - Bob Ely
Time and Talents

If you haven't filled out a time and talents survey, you can either download the form below, or grab and fill one in at church

Download your time and talent survey now

  • 1-15 - Turkey Drive
  • 3 - Church Cleaning
  • 11 - Council Meeting
  • 1 - Cassandra Stull
  • 13 - Sunni Leggate
  • 23 - Anthony Freeberg
Want to Recycle?
Are you looking for a place for your recyclables?  Look no further than the church, as we will be able to collect paper products, bottles, and glass.

Recycling bins will be in the Lutheran Center and we will take take of it for you
The commission of God is to go out and give a child the gift of God with love from you and God
Operation Christmas Child

Fernley First Baptist Church and other local churches are filling shoeboxes with gifts for children around the world.  We have the opportunity to assist them.  Boxes are available in the Lutheran Center.  Chris and Ed will be returning to pick up the boxes on November 11th

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Collections are the First Sunday of the month
Food Bank
    This month:  Foods with protein - Peanut Butter, Tuna Fish, Dry Beans
Past Events
Fall Craft Fair and Bake Sale went really well, with over 800 dollars being raised.  150 will go to the Food Bank.

    Election's are Coming!

    No, not those.  Although Mid-Terms are soon, we are talking about our Council Election in January.

    The available positions are:  President, Treasurer, 2 members at large, and the Financial Secretary.

    Please pray about the positions as we need someone like you to step up and help out the church by being part of the Church Council

    2019 Calendars are here

    We have calendars available for $3 each at the Lutheran Center

    Presidents Letter
    A big “Thank You” to all the members and friends of the congregation, who helped plan, organize, volunteer, and donate their time and talents to the Annual Fall Craft Fair and Bake Sale on 10-13-18 at the Lutheran Center.  We had a total of 22 vendors participate in the craft fair.  We had three raffles that made a total of $184, the bake sale made $204 and the vendor’s fee was a total of $420.  The total made at the craft fair was over $808.

    We will use $150 as our community outreach project to give to the Fernley Food Bank and the remaining $658 will go into our general fund.  What a huge success!    We are looking forward to the Annual Craft Fair and Bake sale on December 8th  from 10am-3pm at the Lutheran Center.

    As you know stewardship is about your relationship with God and being follower of God means that you must care for your church and the community that you live in.  Your involvement is important because this church needs you to help flourish, grow and keep going year after year for yourselves and for the future followers of God in our church.  We as individuals are responsibly in growing this church, the community and bringing the word of God to others.  This may include your time donating to the Fernley food bank, helping out with events in your community, preparing communion, the alter, putting the bulletins together, lighting the candles, sharing communion, cleaning the church & center, being on the Church Council, conduct a lay service, teaching Sunday School, tithing to the church, inviting friends and family to church or church related activities or any other talent you may have.

    As a follower of God it is your responsibility to take care of and use the blessings that God has given to you.  This is to include your time, talents, relationships, passions and money to be shared to support God’s work through the church.  As a follower of God you are called to be the body of God in today’s world by doing God’s work and will through these blessings.  In order to use the blessing given to you, you must trust God and grow in the faith which includes love and grace.  By being a steward of God we are reminded to go out into the world and commission the word and love of God.

    With the change of the season come changes within the church.  The Nominating Committee will be calling you soon regarding the positions available for the up coming Council Election in January.  The available positions are: President, Treasure, and 2 Members at Large (term is February 2019-January 2021) and the Financial Secretary (term will end January 2020).  Please pray about the positions as we need someone like you to step up and help out the church by being part of the Church Council.

    Blessing of God,

    Marcie Vallejo – President


    S- Serving God and Others

    T- Time and Talents given to the Church

    E- Educating others about God’s Word

    W- Willingness to step up at Church

    A- Acting as Christians towards each Other

    R- Reaching out to others about God

    D- Different Diversities expressed in ways to build up the Church & God

    S- Speaking the Truth in Love

    H- Helping out the Church and Others in need

    I- Income percentage given to the Church or other Organizations

    P- Praying to God

    Christian Growth and Education

    Bible Studies

    Monday Nights 6:30—8:00 at the home of Bob and Verl-Lee Ely


    Council Meetings

    Scheduled for the second Sunday of each month after the 10AM service, held in the Lutheran Center.  Everyone is welcome to attend to learn about the church business


    Food Pantry

    Gift of Grace supports the Food Pantry of Fernley, giving donations on the first Sunday of each month.  Collection baskets are in the sanctuary for your donations all month.  No donations will be turned away, however each month the Food Pantry does have specific requests


    Prayer Chain

    Please talk to Verl-Lee Ely on 775-575-2933 to be added to the Prayer Chain, or if you have any questions about it

    Sunshine Committee

    The Sunshine Committee needs your assistance, to better serve the Church family.  Our Committee is responsible to reaching out by issuing get well cards, and thinking of you cards (to those who we haven’t seen for a while)

    Letting us know, we can be sure to reach out to our Church Community

    Letting our community know that Gift of Grace Lutheran Church truly cares about our Congregation.

    Phone 575-7109



    Virginia Krause


    Mission Statement

    LIVE in God’s Gift of Grace
    WORK to make disciples of Christ

    SERVE the needs of others in the world

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