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We have lots in store for you this week ahead on Facebook Live!  Karen and Kat  will be working with food in the kitchen!  Join them for healthy cooking,  healing tips and recipes. Jennifer will give hands on tools for grounding your energy. Julie will teach about alternate nostril breathing and Monica will round out the week, talking about riding the hormonal wave.  

We look forward to seeing you!

Join Us This Week!

Monday 4/20-Karen Siegel Propis  Karen in the kitchen cooking for good health!

Tuesday 4/21 - Jennifer Pillow-White Grounding yourself during stressful times.

Wednesday 4/22 - Julie Silver Alternate Nostril Breathing.

Thursday 4/23 - Kat Barber  Kat and Kevin cooking turmeric, ginger, garlic and lime soup.

Friday 4/24 - Monica Mae Leibson  Riding the hormonal wave.

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Balancing Our Emotions with Traditional Chinese Medicine

by Julie Silver 

Now is an opportune time, whether we like it or not – to feel our emotions! Not only It is important, it is critical! That said, it is often our tendency to try and avoid feeling. We do this in many ways:

  • Work too much, stay too busy
  • Eat or drink too much
  • Look at the computers/social media
  • Watch TV, shop on line

No time like the present to dive in and find a necessary place of balance.

Balancing our Emotions with Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tongue Diagnosis in TCM

by Julie Shindler-Cohen

Tongue diagnosis is a key factor in creating a Chinese medical diagnosis. For most new patients, it seems odd to stick out your tongue at someone! However, there are many clues regarding the balance of energy laying right on the tongue. People often ask “does it look OK?” after we take a peek. The truth is that we look at the tongue as a method of confirmation of our initial findings.

Tongue Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine
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