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Protocolo - Now Made With Organic Grapes

Cork 'n Cap's all-time best selling wine is now made with certified organic grapes. Easy drinking and affordable, you will be hard pressed to find more pleasant and versatile "weekday wines". The white is dry crisp 100% Macabeo and the red is a "grippy" dry wine made with 100% Tempranillo. Just $7.99 per bottle or save 15% when you purchase a case of 12

Special Hours - Closed Feb 22, 23, 24

Island Mist Blowout $39.99  - Just In Time For Summer

Summer in a glass!  These fun, refreshing kits make 6 gallons of fruit based wine. They are still available from our supplier but the less expensive Vintner's Best fruit wine bases have taken over this market segment so we are switching to special order for these kits.  Regularly $69.99, While they last, we are offering our in-stock Island Mist and Twisted Mist kits for $39.99 which is less than our price on the 5 gallon Vintner's Best kits.  These kits make about 30 750ml bottles, which works out to well under $2 per bottle.

Don't Have The Patience To Make It Yourself? How About A Professionally Made, All-Natural Mango Or Strawberry Bellini for Just $8.99

Traditional Bellini is made with fruit nectar and sparkling wine, similar to a mimosa.  Part of a truly complete Mother's Day breakfast... 

We have bottles open for free samples. 

Try before you buy. Regularly $13.99, on sale for just $8.99

Home Brewing & Wine Making Supplies

Attention Impulsive Home Brewers and Wine Makers: Why Wait Days (Or Sometimes Weeks) For Your Delivery And Pay Higher Prices To Get "Free" Shipping?

Believe it or not, there is still a "brick & mortar" retail shop in mid-Michigan to buy competitively priced home brewing and wine making supplies. Cork 'n Cap has what you need, when you need it. No shipping costs, no minimums, no waiting.

Wine Sixpack

This set of 2 whites, and 4 reds come in our reusable, partitioned, eco-friendly six bottle bag and contains over $70 worth of wine and is still only $49.99. When you bring the empty bag back in, you receive a club discount on the purchase of six bottles or more of any of our in-stock wines. Our sixpack club has no rules and no obligations, just a good value collection of specially selected wine.  Visit https://corkncap.com/our-latest-wine-sixpack/ for information on the latest sixpack available.

White Labs Yeast Is Back At Cork 'n Cap! Now With Better Packaging And Larger Cell Count 

We've started to stock some of the most popular liquid yeasts from one of the world's best libraries of unique beer brewing yeast.  When matching a particular beer style, nothing is more important than having the right yeast for the job.  White Labs produces over 100 different strains, we'll stock a few for now and special order any others that are available.  If you are looking for a specific yeast for an upcoming brew day, we can order it with our regular delivery and save you money and can be sure it was properly handled along the way.

Our $108 Wooden Crate Bordeaux

La Castillonne Red & White

Also Available In White

Chateau La Castillonne Red, our best selling wooden crate Bordeaux of all time, has a sibling. The red has been known for its consistent quality year in an year out. It is a classic 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot that has crowd-pleasing brambly fruit notes, a dryness that lends it self well to pairing with a variety of foods without over powering them, and finishes with firm but gentle tannins.

Chateau La Castillonne White, says “Sauvignon Blanc” on the label but it likely also includes a small amount of Semillon, another important grape from the Bordeaux region responsible for rounding the edges and softening the citrus notes of the predominant grape, giving the resulting wine a luscious structure and mouth-feel.

Try either wine for $10.99 a bottle or grab a wooden crate of 12 bottles for just $108, a savings of almost $2 per bottle. While drier than a typical domestic wine, Bordeaux wines are typically lighter in alcohol and much lower in residual sugar, with minimal chemical adulteration for people who care about such things.

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