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Dear GLL members and friends, 

It is high time to congratulate ourselves, as global community, on passing the test of pandemic! We over-achieved in sharing our money, time, skills, expertise and connections for the sake of common good, stronger global community and fulfilling togetherness. 

This GLL Monthly Newsletter edition is devoted to look into some key figures.  

As quarantine restrictions are lifting worldwide and we are entering into a holiday season, we are still hoping to summon you live in Lithuania some time this summer. Let us know about your plans in the survey above, so we could pick the date which suites the most.  

After all, GLL is all about networking and building personal ties which enables the trust! 

Faithfully yours, 
 GLL Team   

Key Highlights
GLL Community in the Face of Pandemic
  • Over 30 online events held since the start of quarantine in March within our global community to share latest news, professional insights, or simply cheer each other to stay strong. 
  • 2 new Clubs of Professionals Abroad established despite the global quarantine. Read more on that bellow. 
  • The most successful fundraising campaign Laikykitės, Medikai by Laisvės TV expressed their gratitude for generous donations and valuable contacts for the most necessary medical supplies.
  • GLL Think&Do tank summoned experts within GLL Network into 3 task forces: security of society, reduction of psychological effects and e-governance in Lithuania. 
  • GLL Online Swaps has become useful platform for the task forces to raise issues for wider discussions, for global professionals to share the expertise, for Supporting Members to appreciate the membership benefits.
Upcoming Events | June
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Let's meet online! 

June 4th | 4:30 pm GMT+3 | ZOOM
Leading Business Through Uncertainty | GLL Online Swap

This Thursday Dalia Petkevičienė (Lithuania), Co-founder of GLL and Founding Partner at TRIBES Global Leaders Search, will meet with top Lithuanian global professionals from aviation, postal, logistics and recruitment industries in USA, Vietnam and Canada to discuss their businesses strategies to meet post-pandemic world. Panel Speakers: 
-- Anatolijus Fouracre (Swiss Post Solutions, Vietnam)
-- Cynthia Pasky (Strategic Staffing Solutions, USA)
-- Ignas Jurkonis (NCS Group, USA)
-- Stan Kuliavas (Levaero Aviation, Canada) 
Read more here >>

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June 8th | 7:00 pm GMT+3 | ZOOM
Post Covid-19 Governance and Voting in the Baltics | GLL Think&Do Tank

While the Baltics are introducing innovative ways of reopening their economies from pandemic travel bubbles to open air cafes, attention is turning to the future of elections. For Lithuania in particular, the country is set to hold a National Parliamentary election in October, 2020. If the health crisis persists, how will Baltic citizens vote safely? Is adapting Estonia’s e-governance model across the Baltics the way forward? Will elections be postponed?
Moderated by Colleen Elliot, the panel will explore the past, present and future of voting in the Baltics catered to a general audience. Read more>>

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Job Openings | GLL Talent Reach
Lithuanian Aid Fund for Business | Apply until June 5

Bank of Lithuania breaks the ice: first recapitalisation plan in the EU approved by the European Commission. Lithuanian Aid Fund for Business will be operating under the Ministry of Finance and is going to be launched this June. Liquidity and capital support will be available to medium-sized and large enterprises that have experienced difficulties as a result of the pandemic and whose dissolution is likely to have significant social economic consequences. The newly established fund is currently looking for:  

  • Supervisory Board members (3 independent non-executives, part-time), 
  • Board member (5 independent non-executives, part-time) 
  • CEO (full-time).  

“Professional governance is essential success factor for this newly created structure. Thus I call on all professionals in Lithuanian diaspora not to overlook this opportunity and make the impact.” - said Marius Jurgilas, Board Member of Bank of Lithuania and Laureate of Global Lithuanian Awards. FIND OUT MORE HERE>>

Beginnings | Clubs of Professionals
New Clubs in New York and Netherlands

The present day reality had hardly predictable effect of  the emergence of new Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Worldwide.

  •  New York Lithuanian Professionals not only has brought together Lithuanian and Lithuania-interested professionals for networking and interaction, it has already organised a few events that united the Clubs of the North America for fun and for learning. Do not miss the next possibilties -  EVENT CALENDAR>>
  • Lithuanian Professionals in the Netherlands held their first get-together where Clubs in London and Berlin as well as GLL shared their inspirational ideas for this Club to have an explosive start.  
    Meet GLL Supporting Members

    These people are united by at least two good reasons - they all are active members of Clubs of Lithuanian Professionals Abroad and they support the GLL mission of connection of global professionals worldwide and their engagement for the sake of Lithuania.

    Karolina Marija Orr

    belongs to the Board of Founders of New York Lithuanian Professionals  established at the outbreak of pandemic.

    Marius Čižiūnas

    a member of Lithuanian City of London Club, nowadays also involved in GLL Think&Do Tank task-force working for the mitigation of psychological impact of pandemic.

    Veslava Aganauskienė

    belongs to the Board of Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm, this year assigned to scale the mentorship program LT Big Brother among Lithuanians in Sweden.

    Viktorija Folk

    A founder of Munich City Lithuanian Club engaged in the Lithuanian business mentorship.

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    Recap to Events in May


    Post Covid-19 Cybersecurity | GLL Online Swap

    Vytenis Benetis and Vilius Benetis in their discussion on GLL Online Swap | VOL.3 offered some useful every day tips to be used in the development of resistance to cyber attacks.
    In order to play it safe in the growing online activity, business owners have to run a checklist of basic security hygiene: mindful approach to distributed information, clearly defined processes of information protection, responsible approach to passwords and their usage, a routine of regular check-ups for work computers to make sure they do not have unwelcome downloads, overall culture of trust to avoid psychological issues with employees. 

    On personal level, in order to be resistant to malevolent cyber attacks it is essential to exercise critical approach to the unfamiliar contacts getting in touch online using simple check-up, careful use of personal data and information on any online platform, mindful approach to authentication steps on all platforms, good awareness of help lines or reliable contacts to call in case of emergency. 

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    Meet & Greet Vinted | GLL Talent Reach

    The meeting with the first Lithuanian unicorn Vinted brought together the talent audience from 10 countries worldwide to hear and ask questions about Vinted business strategy, company culture and hiring plans for 2020.

    As Mantas Mikuckas, co-founder and COO at Vinted pointed out, the company is currently in the stage of the fastest growth ever. With over 15 million active users, 2 billion EUR annual turnover and 1st market position in 8 different countries, Vinted presents its employees with plenty of opportunities to exercise their global ambitions within the Lithuanian business.

    Ieva Kuniejūtė, Vinted Hiring Partner said they are planning to almost double their staff every year in 2020 and 2021. No slow down due to pandemics what so ever - actually quite the contrary. Currently there are over 50 vacancies across Vinted offices in Vilnius, Warsaw, Berlin and Prague mostly within the field of engineering, but also Legal&Finance, Strategy&Analytics, Human resources and others. Explore vacancies here >>

    Watch event recording
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