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Double Down

July 2017

"The Barefoot Investor" took the no.1 spot again, the 5th time its held the position with 557 sales. Close behind was "Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls" which sold 552. Third spot with 397 was "The Ministry of Utmost Happiness". See the complete Top 50


Sales in July - this year vs last year

  • ALL -1.58%
  • Australia -0.35%
  • New Zealand -4.33%


Vote on what we should do next

Each store get 3 votes, the suggestions with the highest ranking (votes/difficulty) get done first. 

Easy to fill out online voting form

New Website released

Features include: (Video 6:42)

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization and data tracking
  • Clearer more efficient cart and checkout process
  • Technology upgrade to keep systems current and to offer designers the latest tools
  • New default layout
  • Backoffice dropdown menu
  • Sub menus for content pages
  • External links for content navigation
  • Colour adjust for buttons
  • Carousel for homepage categories with wrapping feature
  • Html and colour selection for footer
  • Full width wrapping
  • Bread crumb navigation
  • Full separation of prod and beta templates so that designs can be perfected on beta and then pushed to prod.
See > All new features and improvements with video walkthroughs


  • Tidy up what we have ahead of technology upgrades (see below)

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer

  • Central reporting for groups
  • Gardners P&A integration

New things we want to make a start on

  • Technology upgrades
    • Rails 4 upgrade
    • Ruby 2.4 upgrade
    • Google managed SQL
    • Docker to dynamically scale based on demand

Beyond the next month

  • Further SEO and website performance monitoring
  • Bootstrap 3 upgrade in the back office (currently in design phase)

Small Store Pricing

We price by size and are introducing new lower price brackets for small stores. If your annual turnover is under $300k contact us as you are likely to get a price cut.

The aim of our pricing is to be simple and fair and to encourage use.

Cost for us is, to a degree, related to store size as we provide the servers that have to store the information and crunch the numbers.

We hope the new tiers (which go down to $50 p/month) will make Circle more accessible, as well as more affordable for our smaller customers. 

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