Bulletin June 2018



This is the first Maths300 bulletin (formerly known as 'e-news') since the service was acquired by the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers (AAMT). 

While things may have been 'quiet' on the email front, there has been a great deal of planning and work going on (see below).

Who receives these bulletins?

The teacher contact for all Maths300 subscriptions will automatically be sent these bulletins – although you can choose to unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of this email.

Other staff can also sign up to receive these bulletins by completing the form on the Maths300 website – as can anyone with an interest in Maths300.

Bulletins will be sent quarterly.

Site and lesson updates

By now you probably will have noticed the updated Maths300 branding and site. Some pages and URLs have changed so you may need to update browser bookmarks.

You will also find that the terms of use have been updated and simplified.

This is the first step towards building a brand new site which aims to deliver a more thorough user experience.

In time, all lessons will be updated to a new format and structure, and will include downloadable pdfs. You can find a sample for Multo: Better than Bingo!

Comments or suggestions about the updated lesson format or site should be sent to Kate Manuel (AAMT office).

AAMT staff developing Maths300

AAMT staffers Matt Skoss and Kate Manuel are working to revamp existing lessons and develop new ones. They would welcome your queries about implementing lessons and ideas for developing new ones:

Professional learning

AAMT has been liaising with its State/Territory affiliated associations to build facility for local support and professional development.

On 30 May, the Mathematical Association of New South Wales (MANSW) hosted a webinar with Charles Lovitt presenting (083) Temperature Graphs and (028) Number Tiles (subscriber only access to lessons).

You can watch the video of the session from the link below.

Queries about professional learning can be submitted from the website or directed to the AAMT office.

Classroom contributions

Domino diffy towers

Classroom teachers have bursts of inspiration that extend a task and add to the lesson.

Claire Robinson from Cowes Primary School in Victoria extended (095) Domino Trails (subscriber only access to lesson) with her Year 2 students by having them make towers of Unifix blocks to represent the numbers on the dominoes.

Send your classroom contributions to Matt Skoss (AAMT office).


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