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How Not to Drown in Tasks and Live Effectively

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” -Stephen R. Covey

Usually, our time management method relies on making a to-do list, going through those things, crossing them one by one, getting a feel of temporary satisfaction, and thinking we are having a productive day. But is this method really effective?

Doing this, we spend our time mostly on Quadrant I and Quadrant III. Going with the flow of life without any control of it whatsoever and making Quadrant I get bigger and bigger every day without noticing it. We accomplish many goals that are on our to-do list but these goals have nothing to do with our values and our most important goals in life and we live in a continuous crisis.

Things that will make us who we are, things that will make us reach our most important goals in life are always in Quadrant II. It is where effective people spend their time on. Effective people know how to say no to the activities that are in Quadrant III and IV and transfer the activities that are in Quadrant I to Quadrant II by investing their time in finding long-termsolutions to problems.

Practice Recommendation:

Set up a Quadrant 2 activity that you know was neglected, but if done right will have a significant impact on your private or business life. Write this down and promise to implement it.

This content is inspired by "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People",

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