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Time. Flies. With. A. Blink. Of. An. Eye. Christmas is 2 months away. This October is a special one.

First, Alex has been recognised as one of the 9 inspiring fintech founders to follow in Hong Kong ! “It always is a pleasure to get recognised more for the team and the brand than me because it is never about one person." Alex said.

Second, half of the team was in New Delhi celebrating our product manager Tanuj Bathla’s wedding! Indian weddings are just fun, with all nights parties, tireless dances, music, drinks, food and an unlimited supply of hospitality. We’re happy to congratulate the couple in person and bond as team on this much loving occasion. We aim to remain small and close to our team members regardless of how much bigger we grow, we pause and celebrate the important moments in every possible ways.

CryptoFabrik new feature: Monitor

On the product front, we have introduced a new feature called “Monitor”, to keep your middle office in sanity. 

Similar to a trade blotter, the firm admins and traders can get an overview of all the active and past orders occurring within the firm at any point in time. You would think that pulling information like this would be straightforward or ‘simple’. If there is one thing that we have learned about building products is that the simpler something looks, the trickier it probably was to build. This feature was no exception. 

The ‘Monitor’ function gives firm admins an overview of,

  • Client ID
  • Order type
  • Transaction size
  • Venue where the trade was executed
  • Commission earned by the firm
  • % of active order filled at any point in time
Reach out for questions. Demo is a click away.

CrossPool: More to unveil soon

Have you checked out “CrossPool” yet? The PoC solution is on R3 marketplace.  

Stay tuned for more news coming along. X.

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Be Vigilant. Learn about our Privacy Policy

Personal data and transactional data are everywhere these days: they can be mined, analysed and used for business purposes to make our lives easier. Of course, collection and usage come with consent and caution first.

We respect individual rights and take privacy seriously, hence we invite you to read our updated Privacy Policy, and for any concern, questions or feedback, please write to us by email:


Read our Privacy Policy.

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Corda Bootcamp 2 November is calling

We’re proud to be supporting R3 to host its first Bootcamp APAC series during Fintech Week Hong Kong. Our Corda guru Charlie Zhang, among the first trainers in Hong Kong and Mainland, will act as an expert trainer teaching CorDapps building.

Limited free seats are available, register on this link to grab the opportunity! 

Meet us at SFF 2018: 4F19 + 2M15

12 - 14 November Booth 4F19:

We’ll be showcasing our solutions at the Country Pavilion together with our friends from the Cyperport ecosystem. Shout out to  everyone who plans to be in Singapore, we will be delighted to catch up. Check out the largest fintech event in the region:


13 November 09:30 Booth 2M15:

How about an hour of intimate dialogues with Alex Medana? Come to our partner R3’s booth, where you learn about our latest development on Corda and views on digitised asset-backed securities (DABS). Provocative thoughts and humour are guaranteed.

Digest and More

Apart from all of that, we as a team has taken time out of the tight schedules to write some useful content. Don’t miss out.


Ben McQuhae

  • Ben shared his views on Hong Kong startup ecosystem and how an in-house counsel can be instrumental in the growth of a company particularly when it comes to funding. The “Finding Fintech”, interview was published in GC Magazine Autumn 2018.


Alex Medana


  • Right before India, Alex was invited on a panel at Hangzhou Bay Forum 2018, which was well attended by heavyweight speakers and important mainland regulator, central bank and research institutes officials. On the topic of regulation vs innovation, Alex shared that he welcomes sandboxes, where all stakeholders not only can test any application with real data, whilst breeding new guidelines and policies that innovation will ride on. His panel transcript was translated in Chinese here.


Yifeng Hou

  • "Latest on crypto quant research" How is this different from traditional product quant research, what does it take to achieve quality research in crypto new world.
  • 2 min video playback with Chinese subtitles


Florian M Spiegl

  • Interviews with Hong Kong Securities & Investment Institute tech bites series: cryptoassets,
  • (i) How to identify and analyse cryptoassets? 2 min video playback 
  • (ii) Significance of real asset tokenisation. 2 min video playback


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Team Spotlight: Martin Yeung

Q: Who are you?
A:  I am the person who brings our wonderful user interface design from our design team into reality. That’s right. I am the front-end developer at FinFabrik.

I found that working as a front-end developer is quite satisfying and interesting. To most people, the term ‘front-end’ probably just means something like a web page or a mobile app. But, to me, the term ‘front-end’ does not only mean the user interface that users can interact with but also reflects the hard work that our development team has done in the back, which normally cannot be seen. And, of course, it also shows the wonderful work from our design team where they are required to gather lots of feedback from different perspectives, internally and externally. I believe that the front-end has a strong connection between all of us here at FinFabrik as it combines all the hard work that has been done by everyone in the company. This is how I get my satisfaction from work and I really enjoy the moment when I put a smile on people’s faces while I demonstrate a brand new page because it is like showing them the hard work that we all have done in the past few weeks.

Q: What do you care about?
A: Music. Music is like fuel to me. Just like coffee to other people. That is why I put on my earphones most of the time during the day.

Fun fact: Music also helped me to become a developer. It gave me lots of motivation to build my own tools and applications when I first started learning how to program. As a music lover, I have tons of music resources on my computer and it was always a headache for me to manage them. So, as soon as I knew how to program, I built various kinds of tools so that I could manage them in an efficient way. That was one of the ways to get my motivation to practice and sharpen my programming skill.

Sometimes I feel like working here at FinFabrik is like playing in an orchestra or a band. Everyone here is specialised in specific areas. Everyone here knows how to get the best sound out of their instruments. Everyone here knows when they should play and when they should stop playing. But a single man does not make a band. How people here collaborate is just incredible. I truly believe that’s what makes our song sounds so great and it is going to be a big hit.

On closing

While stepping on the last steps of Gandhi in Delhi, it got me reflecting on his impact and contribution to the mankind, by putting ideas to action, perseverance, endurance, solidarity and love. All of these are achieved regardless of how ‘insignificant’ you might be perceived to be.


"If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning." 

- Gandhi


Until next time and we remain fabulously yours,

FinFabrik team

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