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iConnect’ is the exciting quarterly publication from the Transformation Implementation Unit (TIU) that offers updates and insights on public sector transformation in the Government of Jamaica. For more information on public sector transformation, visit our website   
Volume 4 : Issue 2
Welcome to the summer issue of iConnect! We do hope you are coping with the heat much better than we are managing at the moment. 

For this issue, we bring you news on projects underway to improve efficiency in the public sector, provide an update on the Compensation Review project and much more.  

Please enjoy this edition and we invite you to share this newsletter with your colleagues. Should you wish to share any transformation-related updates from your organisation, or have any queries or comments, you can email us at

MLSS Closer to Implementing Web-Based Work Permit System

The Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MLSS) is now accepting online payments for work permits as it moves closer towards rolling out a new web-based work permit system by 2022.
HR Practitioners being Trained in Strategic Workforce Planning
Eighty human resource (HR) practitioners in the public sector are being trained in Strategic Workforce Planning as the Government seeks to improve the capacity of HR departments to plan for staffing needs in their various organisations.

Bus Donated to Child Protection and Family Services Agency

Mental health service delivery by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) is poised to be significantly bolstered with the acquisition of a retrofitted 35-seater bus valued at $14.9 million.
Making Public Sector Compensation Equitable, Simple and Transparent
The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) has a cumbersome compensation system. Currently, there are 325 salary scales and approximately 185 allowances. Additionally, the GOJ uses several tools and methodologies to evaluate and price jobs in the public sector, leading to inconsistencies in salary packages across the public sector. The result is a compensation system that is untenable.

Child Protection and Family Services Agency on Modernisation Path

The Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) is modernising its operations through better use of information and communication technology to improve its service delivery.
Canadian Farm Work Programme Changing Lives

When the Canadian Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme started out in 1966 as a Bilateral Agreement between Jamaica and Canada, no one knew the level of impact that it would have on both economies 55 years later. A programme which began with a mere 264 Jamaican agricultural workers going to Ontario to fill a shortage of available Canadian workers, now facilitates over 9,000 workers annually.
The Change Management Corner
Meet Ms Latavia Mitchell Morgan, our Change Agent with the Change Agent Network (CAN). Let's see what she has to say.

Can you share with us your official job title?
I am the Senior Evaluation and Research Officer in the Performance Management and Evaluation Branch at the Office of the Cabinet.
Give us a brief description of your role. 
As the Senior Evaluation and Research Officer, my role involves conducting readiness and capacity assessments and evaluations including the drafting of proposals, developing data collection instruments, data collection and preparing reports. I also develop technical notes and guidance documents in the various areas of Results Based Management. Also on my plate is managing the implementation of and the adoption of the electronic Performance Monitoring and Evaluation project (an electronic platform for planning, monitoring and reporting).  and  the virtual Community of Practice for Policy, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation.
How long have you been employed in your role and to the public sector?
I have been employed in my current role for five years and I have been a proud public servant for 10 years
What qualities do you bring to the sector?
I am thorough, hardworking, honest, caring and friendly. My skillset includes research, strategic thinking, monitoring and evaluation and being technologically adept. I have an open mind to change and I actively work to support progressive change.
How do you see yourself contributing to the transformation of the public sector in your role as a Change Agent?

As a Change Agent, I appreciate assisting in developing the knowledge and awareness of colleagues on transformation initiatives. I also appreciate the change management process and contributing to build a better public sector for myself and my colleagues. I’ve also enjoyed collaborating with the transformation team through the CAN to enhance the success of the various initiatives.

Understanding Compensation

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