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Last night as I watched Day Three of the Democratic National Convention, I was struck by the depth and seriousness of these two statements.

"This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that’s what it takes for them to win."


"Years from now, this moment will have passed. And our children and our grandchildren will look in our eyes and ask us: Where were you when the stakes were so high? And we will tell them. We will tell them, not just how we felt. We will tell them what we did."

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Do you remember waking up on November 9, 2016, to gray disbelief?  I remember my third-grader crying when I told him the news and Trump's portrait going up on the wall of his elementary school.  But we rallied. We #resisted. Hundreds of thousands turned out across the nation. There were mass protests, town halls, and thousands of calls to our U.S. Senators for every corrupt cabinet appointment.  It was beautiful and inspiring. But the honest truth is we have struggled to stop the harm this administration has wrought on our nation. And it has not stopped his enablers and apologists from giving him a pass and allowing attacks on our democracy and the debasing of our values.  

We have endured in real time, tweet by tweet, why it is so critical we install good leaders in the first place. We must be honest with ourselves that while #resisting is important and will always have its place, it is fighting from a position of weakness.  The cold reality is we must put good leaders in place the first time, or we will pay dearly.  

So our moment has finally arrived. The most consequential election of our lifetime. What will each of us do?  How will we account for our actions when the ballots are cast and we are holding our breath as we await the first election returns? 

 Be certain you can say you did all you could.

 There are safe, convenient, and effective ways you can help win this election. Join me in reaching out to voters and helping them to vote by mail.  You can do it from your home, as much or as little as you have time for, at your convenience. 

Click here to say you will pitch in.  This will link you to the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party which will help you get set up.

If you do not live in Mecklenburg County, email me and I will help get you find out how to volunteer in your jurisdiction.

Best wishes and stay safe,
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